Rotations and Training Locations for IM Trainees from August 2019


There are approximately 130 rotations within the region with 260-270 trainees in programme at any one time. Approximately half of our trainees are in the "Cambridge-based" or "Norfolk-based" rotations where they often rotate between the linked Trusts for their IM1 and IM2 years. The other trainees will stay in the same Trust for the entirety of their IM1 and IM2 training. 

It is intended that trainees will be allocated their posts and location for their IM3 year at the end of the IM1 year. Every effort will be made to keep the IM3 years as attractive and as easily commutable as possible

The IM1 and IM2 rotations from 2019 onwards have already been identified and are attached at the bottom of this page.