See below for planned SpR Rheumatology Training Days, and EARS meetings, August 19 - July 20 Cycle.

In addition, this page contains uploads of the presentations from previous SpR study days within the region and images from our latest Ultrasound Training Day

Date Theme Type
3rd October 2019 Introduction to rheumatology Rheum Spr Training Day
9th October 2019 Spondyloarthritis Combined with SpA academy
21st November 2019 Theme tbc Rheum Spr Training Day
30th January 2020 Rare Autoimmune Diseases Combined with ENRAD
20th March 2020 (provsional) USS and Management Access All Areas
21st May 2020 Theme tbc Rheum SpR Training Day

July 2020 (provisional)

Theme tbc Rheum SpR Training Day


EARS Meetings

Date Meeting Venue
6/9/19 EARS Autumn Meeting - WSH BRS
6/12/19 EARS Winter Meeting - Chelmsford BRS


GIM Training Days - 

Date Venue Confirmation
29/8/19 Watford Confirmed
31/10/19 Addenbrookes Confirmed
8/11/19 Basildon Confirmed
19/12/19 Norfolk and Norwich Confirmed



ENRAD and ERBON training days (not including those merged with SpR training days)

Date Meeting Location
4/10/18 ENRAD Norfolk and Norwich Hospital


Deanery Led USS Training Days

Date Venue  

Other Rheumatology training within the East of England Deanery

Date Teaching Venue
23-25/9/19 EUVAS Conference Downing College Cambridge