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The HippocraTORs and TEEs​ Club


Core Medical Trainees must make a crucial decision of which speciality training to commit to. Many trainees do not always get rotations within their provisional specialist interest and training opportunities available in CMT can be generic. Similarly, access to enthusiastic senior mentoring can be difficult.

We are aiming to support trainees in pursuing their chosen speciality by matching individuals to a network of peers, senior registrars and consultant support. We hope that this will :

  1. Focus individuals career planning
  2. Support preparation for ST3 applications
  3. Identify and facilitate specialist learning opportunities within your trust

At Addenbrookes’ hospital, a successful pilot mentorship programme was implemented 2017-2018. CMTs interested in particular specialties were identified and matched with clinical and academic consultants and registrars within the chosen speciality. A framework based on ARCP outcomes (audits, clinic attendance, research projects with a specialty flavour) was utilised to guide initial meetings.

We would like to use this model to make mentoring available to CMTs across East of England and we hope this will support your future specialty planning.

The HippocraTORs and TEEs club – Model design


If you are interested to be part of it either as a TEE or TOR please fill out the questionnaires below: 





For further information, please contact:

Dr Srikirti Kodali 
Core Medical Trainee 2 
Mentorship Lead for CMT EOE