Inter-Deanery Transfers (Health Education England East of England)

Postgraduate doctors in training applying for transfer MUST NOT contact the receiving region's Training Programme director to discuss vacancies. This often leads to misunderstanding and disappointment and NHSE will not be responsible if these conversations take place.

For all information respecting the National IDT process, timelines, criteria & eligibility, documents, contacts etc, please refer to the National website:


The local IDT contact for Drs in training within the East of England is Please send your Deanery document here for approval.


Where do I send my Deanery Document for approval?

If you are planning to leave the region and eligible for an IDT (please see the national IDT website for full eligibility information) you are required to scan and email a completed Deanery Document to for approval. This approved document will form part of your IDT application.

The Deanery Document will be available for you to download from the national website approximately 4 weeks prior to the IDT window opening.

Please ensure your Training Programme Director is aware of your intention to apply for an IDT before submitting your application.

I am a Foundation trainee; can I apply for Inter-Deanery Transfer?

Foundation training is not covered by the National IDT process but you can apply for a transfer through the Foundation Transfers / Swaps process. You can find more information on this in the Foundation section of the website.

What are Intra-Deanery Transfers?

Intra-Deanery Transfers are to facilitate the movement of trainees within a region. Please contact your Head of School and Training Programme Director to discuss your options and ask your Training Programme Director to let us know the outcome.

Wednesday, 2 January, 2019
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Wednesday, 2 January, 2019