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In order for content to be quality assured, coordinated appropriately and duplication kept to an absolute minimum please contact your Specialty Lead listed below to start creating content for the Platform. It is important to understand the over process of content creation which can be found on our Content Creation & Quality Assurance Page.

Associate Dean: Jan Yates

Specialty Leads:



How can I start creating Content for the Platform?

There are two main ways you can get involved in creating content for the Platform:

  • Delivering Live Webinars that can be recorded and uploaded onto Panopto/Bridge
  • Creating an Online Course or Program in Bridge
  • Or Both - proper Blended Learning!


Organising & Delivering Live Webinars

  • Organising Live Training Events on Bridge can be done through your School Administrator or by Bridge Authors who have access to their School Zoom Account. The Bridge Course on Setting up Live events can be found here: How to set up a Live Event.

  • Contact your School Administrator for access to your Schools' Zoom account.

  • By scheduling Webinar events through Bridge, it means that Trainees automatically receive invitations to events via email, recieve automated certificates after attending the events and provide Administrators with automated attendance registers. 

  • Most importantly it allows trainees from different specialties to attend live training events across the region! The videos in the interactive picture below explains how to set up your own Bridge Live Training event.

Follow the steps in the interactive picture below to set up your Bridge Live Event:


Once the live event/webinar has been delivered, remember to upload the event into Panopto (see video below) so that Trainees can review them and/or view them if they missed it the first time round! 




How to Create a Course in Bridge

We won't go through how to build a Course here. If you would like to be trained on building Online Courses get in touch with your Specialty Lead above. There are extensive courses in the Bridge Tutorials section of Bridge explaining how to create courses. Content is created by our Working Groups after a curriculum matching process is undertaken by your TPD and Specialty Lead. Remember anyone that creates content on Bridge will be subject to the review process outlined on the Content and Quality page.



All Doctors (including Consultants) throughout the East of England can have access to Panopto if requested. To get access, please contact The Blended Learning Panopto is where all live regional teaching webinars and recorded lectures are stored for each specialty. This forms a huge video library of consultant led lectures that can be searched and viewed at any time from a PC or mobile device. These videos can form part of Bridge Courses for Trainees if they satisfy the learning objectives of the course. This means that subject matter experts can now deliver teaching to a group of trainees that other specialties can benefit from. This reduces the workload for Educators whilst allowing Trainees to review lectures at their own pace, at a time that suits them. 

Here's a quick tour of The Panopto Library, and see the blue boxes below to find out more about how to create your own Panopto videos:


Note: Access to Bridge is reserved for HEE Trainees, SAS Doctors, Locally Employed Training Doctors and Consultants who are part of the HEE Faculty e.g College Tutors, TPDs, Heads of School. In order to create content for the platform you will be required to undertake some training by HEE Fellows and Tech Support.