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Reimbursement of Removal or Rotational Travel Expenses


This relocation framework and application process applies to all trainees whilst employed in the East of England (EoE) region, the employing NHS Trust is responsible for providing eligibility and reimbursement of relocation expenses.

Application process and deadlines

Trainees should submit actual expenses claims within three months of the expenditure being incurred. Where a trainee has relocated, and incurred eligible expenses in advance of commencing in a prospective training programme placement due to extraneous circumstances (e.g. relocating from abroad, relocating in advance to align with school years, etc.), then a trainee will be able to submit claims for eligible expenses within three months of commencing in their post, rather than three months from when the expense was incurred.

Useful Links

Step by step guidance on how to set up a digital ID - Digital ID instructions

Electronic form guidance for Mac users - Mac user guidance


Please direct all completed application forms and any enquiries to the employing NHS Trust

Appeals should be submitted to the following email address:


Important Updates

East of England will no longer be responsible for processing a trainee’s eligibility to claim reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses, applications will be administered by the employing NHS Trust.

All expenses must be submitted whilst you are employed at the trust to which they relate and within the policy timeframe, after this point expenses will no longer be eligible for reimbursement.

Documentation: The new version of the application form is now available for download and must be completed and submitted to the employing trust; old versions of the form will not be accepted. The eligibility criteria in order to claim relocation expenses has not changed, but all documentation and guidance has been amended to reflect the employer as the outcome provider, as opposed to HEE. 

These changes do not apply to GP and Public Health trainees, who will continue to apply via the lead employer - St Helen and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.