Reimbursement of Removal or Rotational Travel Expenses

Update on the new relocation and expenses framework (1 May 2020): 

Health Education England (HEE) is responsible for providing you with assistance for relocation expenses, including removal or excess mileage.  Such claims are administered by your employer.  Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, HEE intended to introduce a new, national framework across England for all trainees commencing training programmes from 5 August 2020.  The purpose of the national framework is to ensure equality of treatment for all across the HEE regions.   At the request of the BMA, it has been agreed that this will not be implemented in August as sufficient consultation has not been able to place given other priorities.   The framework is expected to be published later in the year following the completion of consultation with the BMA Junior Doctors Committee (JDC).  Once published, it will replace existing local guidance or arrangements in place for all doctors, dentists and public health trainees who commenced accredited HEE training programmes trainees in August 2020.  By accepting a place on the training programme, you agree that your entitlement to reclaim expenses and removal costs will be subject to the new framework once it is introduced.



The Employing NHS Trust is responsible for providing eligibility and reimbursement of relocation expenses. This policy and application process applies to all trainees whilst employed in the east of England (EoE) region, trainees working in NHS Trusts within any other Health Education England (HEE) region will be reimbursed in accordance with that policy and process.

If you are employed in London and South East (LaSE) or Kent, Surrey and Sussex (KSS), from the 1st April 2018 relocation expenses will be administered by your employing trust. For further information please refer to the London and South East website:

All documents can be downloaded from the links below.

LAT/LAS trainees are not eligible for reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses. 

Application deadlines

In line with the HEE, EoE policy, all applications for expenses must be received before or within 2 months of incurring the costs, we allow two full months from the month a cost was incurred for a trainee to submit their application. For example for costs incurred in August we allow the remainder of August, and the full months of September and October to submit an application, for costs incurred in September we allow the remainder of September, and the full months of October and November to submit their application and so on.

Trainees submitting a claim for excess travel or continuing commitments are only required to submit their application once for the duration of the placement, this must be submitted before or within two months of the first date a cost is incurred in line with the policy timeframe. Any change of circumstances such as a new employer or change of address will require a new application. 

Useful Links

Step by step guidance on how to set up a digital ID - Digital ID instructions

Electronic form guidance for Mac users - Mac user guidance


Please direct all completed application forms and any enquiries to the employing NHS Trust

Appeals and Base Change Requests should be submitted to the following email address:


Important Updates

Changes to Eligibility Process – August 1st 2017:

As of 1st August 2017 Health Education England, East of England will no longer be responsible for processing a trainee’s eligibility to claim reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses, applications will be administered by the employing NHS Trust. All expenses must be submitted whilst you are employed at the trust to which they relate and within the policy timeframe, after this point expenses will no longer be eligible for reimbursement.

Documentation: The new version of the application form is now available for download and must be completed and submitted to the employing trust; old versions of the form will not be accepted. The eligibility criteria in order to claim relocation expenses has not changed, but all documentation and guidance has been amended to reflect the employer as the outcome provider, as opposed to HEE. 

These changes do not apply to GP and Public Health trainees, who will continue to apply via the lead employer - St Helen and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 


Mileage Rates - April 1st 2017

Following the implementation of the new junior doctor’s contract, mileage rates will increase from 24p per mile to 28p per mile. This new rate will only apply to trainees once they have transferred over to the new contract, mileage rates on the old contract will remain at 24p per mile.

A new application form is currently being developed to include this information, in the interim please clearly state in ‘Appendix 1’ of your application or in the body of your email if you have moved over to the new contract. 


New Lead Employer - February 1st 2017 

As of February 1st 2017 the Lead Employer for GP and Public Health trainees will be St Helen and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. In line with the policy these trainees are required to apply for reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses via their lead employer and full details can be accessed on HR Direct


Base Place of Work Criteria Revision - October 2016 

A trainee that feels they may be eligible to change their base place of work under the revised criteria (paragraph 4) should download and submit the Base Change Request Form to

Evidence will be required that the second or subsequent post is definite, as opposed to it being a possible post on a rotation and requests will not be considered without confirmation of this

Please see updated policy and FAQs for further information.

Please note: New Criteria applicable to posts starting August 1st 2016 onwards. 


Foundation Trainee Amendments - August 2016 

Foundation Year 1 trainees are now included in the HEE EoE Reimbursement of Removal or Rotational Travel Expenses Policy (paragraph 8), a maximum of £2000.00 of the overall £8000.00 available sum may be claimed during foundation training years.


Application Forms - March 2016

As of March 31st 2016 no hard copies of application forms will be accepted or processed by HEE. 

The application form for reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses is now available in electronic format and can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. Please ensure you save the document locally and open as a PDF with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader before completing. Do not begin completing the form if it has opened as a webpage or in PDF Previewer, as this will disable the electronic signature fields and deem the form invalid.  As an organisation we are moving towards a paperless process and appreciate your assistance with this. Please ensure you carefully read the instructions on page 1 of the application form prior to completion.

Digital ID (signature) - All signatures are now required in the digital ID format so documents can be verified by HEE. Any forms signed incorrectly or missing a Digital ID from the trainee or Medical Staffing (both are mandatory) will not be accepted and an outcome cannot be provided, in these instances a new form will need to be completed and submitted for processing. 


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