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To escalate a concern to HEE click here to email the team

HEE Supporting and Escalating Concerns

Everybody including learners, service users, educators, Heads of School, Directors of Medication Education (DME), etc., can report risk through to the Quality team and they will be supported through the process by a member of the team. If you need to escalate a concern click here to email

All concerns that suggest one or more of the HEE Quality Framework Standards for education quality are not being met must be escalated to the Quality team, see the Meet the Team page for contact details, either through a conversation in the first instance or the Quality Concerns Alert (QCA) Form which incorporates the national HEE Risk Matrix.

Concerns should be articulated and aligned to the relevant quality standard(s) and assessed based on the likelihood of the incident occurring and the impact the incident would have should it occur. The assessment also includes consideration of the controls in place to mitigate the risks identified, together with any further actions required to manage and limit the risk.

If you would like a copy of the Supporting and Escalating Concerns Pathway to display in your clinical learning environment please contact

The video below describes the HEE Quality Framework and the importance of Learner Experience, the link between poor quality education and retention, confidence and capability. It outlines the importance of quality, the HEE quality standards and the importance of concerns.

HEE Raising concerns video


Pathway for Learners

HEE has developed a pathway for learners to raise, and where appropriate, escalate concerns. The pathway encourages learners to utilise local mechanisms, within their clinical learning environment initially, escalating to pathway 2 and 3 if they continue to be concerned or the they feel the pathway is inappropriate for their individual concern.

This pathway is not intended to replace local serious incident reporting, rather it adds an additional layer of support for learners if they continue to have concerns.

Click the image to view the pathway


Friday, 25 January, 2019
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Friday, 25 January, 2019