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New Starters

New Starters

Form R and Trainee Self Service

Health Education England is delighted to announce that following successful testing, we are rolling out TIS Self Service (TSS) to all new starters as part of our roll out plans.

We are working hard to improve processes for our doctors in training and our recently developed TIS Self Service system synchronise to the main Trainee Information System (TIS) where all your training data is stored. You will be able to make use of many benefits the TSS system will provide including improved transparency and quick and easy to access to the information we hold about you, including your training and placements. You will be able to review your details and complete your Form R parts A and B as well as the Covid19 self-declaration form. This can be done at your convenience using desktop, laptop or your mobile devices, and you can have peace of mind that your information is secure thanks to the extra security step we have introduced when you login.

All new starters must complete Form R part A and B, and the Conditions of Joining via Trainee Self Service (TSS) and, as optional, send the most recent appraisal to National training number will be allocated via email on completion of the Form R Part A & B and Conditions of Joining once trainee commence their training.

Sign up process

1. Navigate to

2. Sign-up using the email address we contacted you with.

3. Complete and submit your Form R parts A & B as well as Condition of Joining.


National Training Number 

Your national training number will be allocated via email on completion of the Form R Part A & B and training agreement documents. If you have completed these documents and haven't received your national training number please email

Please note that currently, the tool used by HEE to generate the NTNs/DRNs does not distinguish CESR CP, non-medical Public Health and Industry pathways and therefore, all higher trainees will be allocated an NTN C for the time being. This means that your NTN is subject to change to the correct suffix in due course once your training pathway has been reviewed and once the tool is further developed. Please contact your specialty team to inform them if you are a CESR CP trainee. If you wish to check these details please refer to the GMC website.

Wider Scope of Practice Form

Trainees completing any work as a medical professional outside of their programme (i.e. locum shifts, cosmetic work) must declare this on their Form R part B.   Trainees must also complete the Wider Scope of Practice form as a declaration to their Responsible Officer regarding their Fitness to Practice within these roles. This form can be found on our ARCP documents page.

For further information regarding this matter please visit this link to the GMC website. Under section 5 of the Guidance for Doctors: requirements for revalidation and maintaining your licence, on Page 30 of this document it states the following:

"If you do any additional practice that requires a licence, outside your training programme posts (for example, locum work or private practice), you must discuss this with your responsible officer (or educational supervisor on their behalf) and declare it as part of the documentation for your ARCP. You may also need to provide details of the responsible officers at other places where you work. This will allow your responsible officer to get feedback on your work as a whole and gain assurance that you are fit to practise. You must inform your responsible officer of any fitness to practise concerns, complaints about you or significant events you’re involved in from across your whole practice (this includes practice outside your training posts)."

Further information regarding revalidation and ARCPs can be found here.

Friday, 1 February, 2019
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Friday, 1 February, 2019