Workforce, training and education
East of England

The functions of the Health Education East of England are to:

  • Develop an east of England Education, Training and Workforce Development Strategic  Framework and Investment Strategy and to take a leading role in visioning the future healthcare workforce
  • Lead an integrated approach to workforce planning for health and social care communities
  • Negotiate, manage and monitor the performance of contracts with education and training providers
  • Support the modernisation of education and training
  • Commission, manage and quality control postgraduate medical and dental education through financial support of posts through contracts with Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and PCTs
  • Co-ordinate the strategic management of local learning and education facilities in the NHS
  • Develop appropriate quality assurance and performance management processes to ensure that investment in workforce development supports the achievement of the SHA's strategic goals for health and service improvement
  • Ensure that the Health Education East of England has influence on national workforce and health education policy, on national workforce supply and on securing a fair share of national resource for the east of England.
  • Ensure the sharing and adoption of best practice and establish understanding and support of education and training in all parts of the NHS across the east of England
  • Move swiftly where appropriate towards a multi and inter-professional education, training and development model that maximises resource utilisation and the effectiveness of the workforce
  • Develop, where possible, a devolved approach to educational investment and decision making in the six counties of the east of England
  • Become a model team, developing our staff well, and establishing constructive relationships with other parts of NHS East of England
  • Ensure effective systems and procedures are in place for the financial management and accountability for, and auditing of all funds for which we are responsible
  • Promote continuing professional development across all professional groups, from student entry to retirement
  • Design and undertake educational research and development within the former deanery