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How we use Trainee Data:

Trainee data will be collected to support the following processes and Trainees will comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018:

  1. Managing the provision of training programmes and that for this purpose, minimal personal details may be shared with training providers in order to access online training programmes
  2. Managing processes allied to training programmes, such as certification, evidence to support revalidation and supporting the requirements of regulators
  3. Workforce planning 
  4. Improving patient safety
  5. Compliance with legal and regulatory responsibilities, including monitoring under the Equality Act 2010
  6. Research related to any of the above

We will never share, sell, distribute or advertise trainee data. 

What we use:

The personal information shared with Bridge and Panopto includes:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Specialty
  • Grade
  • For some Specialties – exam progression
  • The Hospital/GP Practice/Mental Health Trust you are currently working in
  • Whether you are Full Time or Less than Full Time


How we use the Analytics data on Bridge and Panopto

The analytics functions allow us to see how the learning materials are being used; only limited numbers of designated administrators will have access to it. It should be used to improve training and not as a way of holding you to account for not accessing teaching. It will be easier to see what training is well attended, obtain feedback quickly and therefore make speedy changes to the learning content.


However, TPDs/course organisers may choose to set up attendance records, which will, in general, be used in a formative way as one of a number of measures of engagement with the training programme. Ultimately, you will be assessed on your performance in the workplace and not on how good your analytics look on Bridge.


If you have any queries regarding blended learning platforms please contact

Bridge/Panopto Standard Operating Procodure (SOP)

Here is a quite large but very handy SOP. Goes through all the processes that underpin the Platform: Bridge/Panopto SOP

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