How Content is Produced and Quality Assured

The opportunity to appraise and monitor the educational strategies and materials employed by educators throughout the region has never been more accessible. Appraisal and monitoring of educational programs are critical to ensure an iterative, dynamic environment for educators to deliver supportive and progressive educational content to Doctors in training. It forms one of the main HEE Quality Standards outlined in the Qaulity Framework: "The learning environment provides suitable educational facilities for both learners and educators, including space, IT facilities and access to a quality assured library and knowledge base".


The Content Production Workflow

The Blended Learning Lead for each specialty works with the Training Program Directors (TPDs) to create Curriculum Mapped Learning Packages. These packages are formed of specific topics that contain learning objectives mapped to specialty curricula. One Learning Package would contain all the lectures, online courses, webinars and articles/guidelines that satisfy the range of learning objectives covering a topic i.e Asthma or Total Intravenous Anaesthesia.

These packages can be created using a Curriculum Matrix that helps map each topic to the teaching modality most suited to that objective. Once the Learning Package is constructed, it is passed down to The Working Group where The Content Lead coordinates the delivery of the educational content using the teaching modalities available through The Platform eg. Online Courses, Live/Recorded Webinars.










Before any content is published, a quality assurance process must be undertaken (see below), particularly with regards to online courses. For Live Training Events, Subject Matter Experts should be approached to deliver relevant lectures or webinars at their convenience to ensure that the most accurate and up to date content is being delivered at all times.


The Quality Process

Once the Learning Packages have been built into Online Courses/Webinars by The Working Group, it must undergo a Quality Review process before being published to Trainees on Bridge.

- Review process for Online Courses:

  • Content Leads together with the TPDs and Specialty Leads are ultimately responsible in ensuring that online courses excel in the following domains using the Quality Checklist 
    • Accessibility
    • Accuracy
    • Aesthetic design
    • Instructional design
    • Pedagogy/Andragogy 
    • Feedback
    • Assessment
  • Online courses must be reviewed with the Online Course Quality Checklist
  • Every Online Course must be reviewed within 2 Years of publication; sooner if more up to date medical evidence becomes available.
  • Subject Matter Experts must be consulted to ensure the course content is accurate and falls in line with the most current evidence-based available.
  • Specialty Leads together with the Associate Dean and Regional Librarian should meet on a quarterly basis to ensure that material is not duplicated across specialties.  

- Review Process for Videos on Panopto

  • Recorded Webinars or Pre-recorded Lectures that are stored on Panopto should be reviewed by the Content Lead/Specialty Leads in terms of accuracy and video quality, particularly if not delivered by a Consultant/Subject Matter Expert.
  • Videos should be reviewed within one month of being uploaded to Panopto
  • There should be a review of all video every 2 Years for each specialty. Any duplicated content should be reviewed, with the most up to date video being retained, and the other archived or sent back to its author.

- Review Process of Live Training Events (Lectures/Workshops)

  • Where possible Consultants who are Subject Matter Experts in their field should be approached to deliver lectures either through webinars or Face-to-Face Lectures/Workshops that underpin the learning objectives of the Learning Package.
  • Tech Support and Online Course Designers should support Subject Matter Experts with any technical issues that they may face when delivering their event, i.e training on the use of their preferred webinar platform or needing to produce pre/post lecture online content on Bridge. 
  • Where subject matter experts have not delivered Lecture/Workshop material, it should reviewed by Content and Specialty Leads and consultant Subject Matter Experts if necessary.


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