2021 Recruitment - To be updated later in 2020

Applications are invited for vacancies in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine


Please see documents at the bottom of this page the latest Information for the Pre-Hospital Emergency Posts for 2021/2022 - TBC.  When you are asked to rank please can you ensure that you only select the Scheme, Base and Specialty you are eligible for.  Only preference the regions you are willing to accept if offered a post.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine

The Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) training programme is a one year (whole-time equivalent) sub-specialty training programme commencing at ST5 or above. Applications are invited from those meeting the person specification who are eligible to work in the UK and hold either a National Training Number or CCT in Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine and Acute Internal Medicine.

The PHEM curriculum comprises six themes: –

- Working in emergency medical systems
- Providing pre-hospital emergency care
- Using pre-hospital equipment
- Supporting rescue and extrication
- Supporting safe patient transfer
- Supporting emergency preparedness and response

In addition to cross-cutting themes: –

- Good medical practice
- Operational practice
- Team resource management
- Clinical governance

Approved programmes will provide training in all areas of the curriculum. This may involve rotating through several approved operations gaining exposure to other pre-hospital emergency services.

Training is divided into three phases: –

 1a Initial
 1b Development
 2 Consolidation

More details on the structure of training and the curriculum can be found in the IBTPHEM Guide to Training and in the Training Programme descriptions from each approved LETB/Deanery.

 Application Process

Health Education working across the east of England is co-ordinating the national process for recruiting trainees into Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine posts, this is the only approved entry route into PHEM subspecialty training.

Before applying please read the person specification carefully to assess your eligibility for the post.

All applications are made via the online application system Oriel

As part of the application you will be required to -

 - upload evidence of your national training number (NTN) or Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

 - upload evidence of satisfactory completion of the IBTPHEM Fitness Test. Details of the test and the certificate can  be found in the Applicant's Guide for PHEM 2021-2022 available to download below later in the year.  Please note that the Fitness Certificate Form for PHEM 2020-2021 will not be acceptable please use Fitness Form PHEM 2021-2022 for current applications.  Form will be available later in the year.

- upload all documents at time of submitting application.

If you have difficulties uploading evidence, please ensure you email the evidence by the application deadline to recruitment.eoe@hee.nhs.uk

Health Education East of England has a strict application policy and will not accept applications submitted after the submissions deadline.

Please note that regarding ARCP outcomes, we allow applicants to have their ST4 ARCP prior to taking up the post and not necessarily by the time of interview. If your ST4 ARCP is prior to August 2019 you can apply in this round.

Please note that Health Education England is governed by the UK Borders Agency regarding overseas applicants. If you are subject to immigration control, you will be required to provide evidence of your immigration status as at the closing date of the post to which you are applying.


Pre - Hospital Emergency Medicine vacancies are listed below.  You are strongly advised to read the Programme Information (provided below) carefully. This will give information on what training is provided within that programme, and the rotations (if applicable) between different providers. Details of the Training Programme Directors are within the information or on the IBTPHEM website if further information is required.

The Postgraduate Dean confirms that this placement and / or programme has the required educational and Dean’s approval. The Training Programme is equally open to those who may, either from the outset or subsequently, wish to train less than full time or job share.  Programmes will be confirmed directly with the candidate by the appropriate Deanery/LETB should candidates be successful at selection centre.

Competition Ratio

In the autumn 2018 recruitment for posts commencing in August 2019, there were 3.6 applicants for every post. 


Health Education England, East of England  TBC
Health Education England,  Kent, Surrey & Sussex  TBC
Health Education England,  London  TBC
Health Education England, North East  TBC
Scotland Deanery (6 months Scotland - 6 months London)  TBC
Health Education England, South West  TBC
Wales Deanery  TBC
Health Education England, Wessex  TBC
Health Education England, West Midlands 




Key Dates and Information

The information below is subject to change and also dependent on how the current Covid-19 situation is within the UK

Advert to appear in NHS jobs

 4 September 2020

Applications Open

 21 September 2020

Applications Close

 8 October 2020 12 noon

Invites to Interview by:

 w/c 2 November 2020

Selection Centre date:

 19 November 2020

Interview venue:


Initial offers out by:  

 25 November 2020

Offers accepted or declined (then moved to clearing)

 27 November 2020


Selection process

Following long listing and shortlisting, successful applicants will be invited to attend the PHEM Selection Centre.  This will be hosted at a single centre at Health Education East of England and candidates will be able to preference all available posts in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine across England and Wales.

Document checking: Please refer to Page 4 of the Applicant's Guide for further information on what you need to provide. (This information is for 2019 Recruitment Round),

Length of selection process: 45 minutes

Selection structure: Two stations

Selection Centre –

 - Interview/Portfolio - this will last 20 minutes

 - Clinical scenario/Communication - this will last 20 minutes

A review of the applicant’s portfolio will take place in the Portfolio station

Preferences: Please rank preferences on Oriel. Rank as many training programmes as you wish to be considered for. If a programme is not ranked, you will not be considered for a post there. Please look at the area information and think carefully before you make your selection.

Initial offers to appointable candidates are offered on a ranked basis.

Once posts have been offered and accepted please advise the Recruitment Unit recruitment.eoe@hee.nhs.uk if you are not able to commence training on the start date urgently.

Should you be offered a post and wish to train on a less than full time basis, please refer to the LTFT page for further information and the application form.

Expense Claims

Claim forms must be received into the Recruitment Unit no later than TBC, claims received after this date will not be processed, forms must also be typed as handwritten forms will not be accepted by Finance.  Please ensure the form is completed correctly, you will not be notified if your form is filled in incorrectly and it will not be processed.  There will be changes to the claim process for Recruitment 2020.

 Pay scales      

All trainees should be paid monthly at the rates set out in the national terms and conditions of service for hospital medical and dental staff and doctors in public health medicine and the community health service (England and Wales), “the TCS”, as amended from time to time. The pay scales are reviewed annually. Part-time posts will be paid pro-rata.

Current rates of pay for junior doctors may be viewed on the NHS Employers website

National Terms and conditions

Whilst many training programmes offer training through NHS and charitable organisations, all posts are employed by NHS organisations. For information on National Terms and Conditions


Further information on PHEM can be found on the IBTPHEM website

During the recruitment episode please visit Health Education  East of England Website regularly to access up-to-date information relating to this vacancy and information about the recruitment process.

For any queries that cannot be answered by the methods above please contact:



Area Information

To Be Confirmed

Please note that all area information  contained in the files below was correct for the Recruitment 2019.


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