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Welcome to our Foundation pages!

We are a keen and enthusiastic team of educators, all aiming to promote our foundation training. 

These pages cover the East of England Foundation School.

All FAQs, Useful links and documents can be found HERE

Thank you for looking at our web pages. Hopefully the information is clear, and you can find answers for any of your queries that are locally based! Please ensure that our programmes team have an up to date email address for you. If you would like to update this address, please email our programmes team at:

We welcome a diverse group of doctors to our thriving hospitals, consisting of both rural and seaside trusts through large, active district general hospitals to our teaching hospitals. Our programmes allow you to choose whether you preference staying in one hospital for both years, or rotate between one of our district hospitals and a teaching hospital. All our programmes include a community placement and are broad and balanced.

Once your Foundation Training is complete you will have plenty of opportunity to continue your career in the East of England. With internationally renowned experts, world-class facilities and superb research opportunities, the East of England offers everything you could need. Our Beyond Foundation pages are being developed for you to easily access careers support.

 You can follow us on our twitter feed or Dr Johnson shares lots of resources.



New Multiprofessional Foundation School:


We are really excited to announce the launch of the multiprofessional foundation school in this Autumn term 2022! we are linking with the foundation schools in dentistry, pharmacy and Physicans Associates to offer joint learning opportunities. 


We have a thriving and innovative medical foundation school in the East of England. This school has adapted to technology enhanced learning, been innovative in the types of learning opportunities provided, and with the year trial has successfully embedded some multiprofessional teaching with PA which can now be expanded.

This is opportunity to be creative and support the development of multiprofessional learning and adoption of shared culture within our earliest post graduate years, and their educational faculty.

This is a unique national offer. It is innovative and aligns well with the ideals and aspirations of NHSE. There is significant national interest in the practicalities and the results of this endeavour. 

Welcoming our new F1 

We are proud to welcome trainees into the EoE, and hope that you really enjoy your time with us. We run a regional welcome to our foundation school series of workshops in July for those that are joining in August, and based on feedback from previous years we have asked our trusts to also organise local remote welcomes for questions and getting ready to start.

See poster for this years event below: 

Use this link to sign onto one of the welcome workshops:

Our International Medical Graduates have an extra welcome, and Dr Makker is our FTPD who supports you as you start in a new country including a bespoke welcome course so that you know who to contact, how it works and start to make a network of friends.

The webpage for  FY1s can be found here: as it may contain useful resources for you in getting geared up for foundation. Though we do really want you to enjoy the break between med school and foundation too!. 

New Foundation Rotations!

Please look at our recruitment pages, There is a huge expansion in foundation posts, and we have added 60 new posts to this years rotations. We are looking to push into the 21st century, making rotations reflective of future working priorities and challenges. You will find posts including digital health, outreach into communities to support widening access into medicine within schools, generalism - looking to see the joined up future doctor role start in foundation. More are coming. It is an exciting time to be beginiing your medical career.

Medical Students!

If you are interested in applying to East of England, please look at the website and recruitment places. We are looking forward to seeing you in the future!

Other updates

The Taught Programme 

We have an excellent and resilient plan using a mixture of live and recorded teaching, some face to face and some remote. We will still be following the 60 hours, so ensure you have read our taught programme pages. Please ensure you have access to the bridge learning platform. We are quite new to this, and our translation to synchronous remote, particularly of our hubs may be slightly rocky, but please bear with us! We hope to do as much face to face learning as social distancing and covid will allow. Feedback is vital to us if we are going to make a great, innovative and useful programme for you. Please regularly check bridge for updates, new content for non core mandatory as well as study leave opportunities are regularly added. There is enough content to complete all the non core elements of the 60 hours taught programme. [we are hoping the core elements can all be delivered face to face]

HUB BOOKINGS  thank you for all booking through Bridge as live training events. For a preview and to read up on the process, please look at the linked hub page. some may be readjusted due to changing national rules on distancing, and the effects of any covid surge. we are hoping to maintain most, even if remote and perhaps less interactive than the face to face version would have been.

UKFPO news  

Please check the UKFPO pages for the latest news:

The foundation quality charter has been published here and our trusts are all aware of this. This includes self development time.

IFST : Please see UKFPO website for applicant handbook and forms. please send fully completed forms to the foundation programmes email. we cannot accept late additional information, all must be within the initial email.

New policy

We are looking at our extension policy, so this is currently removed from the website whilst there is national discussion.

Training and Taught Programme Updates (last updated May 2021)

Bridge and the teaching programme

We have  the 60 hours CPD taught programme, we have lots of recordings, live links and info on bridge. Please check regularly for updates.

on bridge are:

  • The live events to book into for clinical and non clinical hubs. you may book additional events as non core mandatory, or part of your study leave entitlement
  • pre recorded non clinical hubs - again you can take leave to watch for your non core mandatory
  • links to live @f1essentials as well as pre-recorded content. again aimed at new F1. the live also advertised through twitter. can use live for core mandatory and recorded for non core mandatory.
  • recorded ATSP
  • recorded simulation teaching and wrap around VR teaching, as well as links to external VR
  • other recorded webinars from UKFPO, BMA, other trusts generic programme, 
  • wellbeing and careers resources
  • links to book into for study leave courses: train the trainers and the leadership ladder currently for any queries


Your mandatory 60 hours breakdown