Foundation Training in the East of England

Welcome to our Foundation pages. We are a keen and enthusiastic team of educators, all aiming to promote our foundation training. Whether you are planning to apply for foundation, one of our trainees already or one of our educators, we hope that our pages are clear and you find the information you seek!

These pages cover the East Anglian Foundation School, and the Essex, Beds and Herts Foundation School.

To help you find what you are looking for, we have the new applicants section for those either looking to apply to foundation, or who have applied and are awaiting their F1 start, and the current trainees section. All the useful FAQ and policy information should be found in those two main pages. We welcome a diverse group of doctors to our thriving hospitals, consisting of both rural and seaside trusts through large, active district general hospitals to our teaching hospitals. Our programmes allow you to choose whether you preference staying in one hospital for both years, or rotate between one of our district hospitals and a teaching hospital. All our programmes include a community placement, and are broad and balanced.

We have a third page celebrating our educational programme, which is a mix of trainee and trust chosen opportunities, including simulation, subregional teaching and local teaching programmes. All trainees have one guaranteed hi fidelity simulation training day, as well as choice as to the subregional events they attend, which may involve simulation, surgical skills training and focus on specialities and careers advice. In particular we are keen to announce our virtual reality programme. We are also keen to scaffold the building blocks of future professional life, with focussed sessions by experts on education, mentoring and more.


Once your Foundation Training is complete you will have plenty of opportunity to continue your career, whether in medicine, general practice or another specialty. With internationally renowned experts, world-class facilities and superb research opportunities, the East of England offers everything you could need. Our Beyond Foundation pages are being developed for you to easily access this.

New or updated foundation guidelines in consultation are available below. Please comment.

All our photographs are of real EBH and EAFS foundation trainees, and are taken in the hospitals they were attached to. Consent has been given for use by HEE EoE. The photographer was Elinor French, independent photographer. Copyright HEE EoE . You can follow us on our twitter feed

Pages written by Dr Helen Johnson FSD and Foundation Faculty Team

 *Please remember the 60 hours taught programme!* 


Oct 2019 

F2 Stand-alone Recruitment:
Please check UKFPO for the F2 Stand-alone applicant guidance for 2020. Applicants who hold or expect to hold full registration by the start of the programme, who are NOT currently working as part of a two-year Foundation Programme, will be eligible to apply, i.e. current F1 trainees are not eligible to apply this year and will be longlisted out if they do. This is to ensure there is a process which allows access to training in the UK for those who graduate overseas and are eligible for full registration and who would otherwise be ineligible for entry at F1 level.
Inter-Foundation School Transfer (IFST) Process:
Please see UKFPO guidance for medical students and trainees on the new centralised IFST process and the electronic form. This process has been aligned with the Inter-Deanery Transfer (IDT) process used in specialty.
Please also find  guidance for foundation schools in regard to this process, which includes details of the timelines involved. The majority of applications for IFST will be managed centrally, however there will still be the option for trainees to apply to the foundation school for transfers at short notice due to exceptional circumstances.
Trainee queries in regard to IFST should be directed to



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