Photographs of real EBH and EAFS trainees, independant photographer Elinor French
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Foundation Training in the East of England

Welcome to our Foundation pages!

We are a keen and enthusiastic team of educators, all aiming to promote our foundation training. 

These pages cover the East Anglian Foundation School, and the Essex, Beds and Herts Foundation School.

Thank you for looking at our web pages. Hopefully the information is clear, and you can find answers for any of your queries that are locally based! Please ensure that our programmes team have an up to date email address for you. If you would like to update this address, please email our programmes team at: 

We welcome a diverse group of doctors to our thriving hospitals, consisting of both rural and seaside trusts through large, active district general hospitals to our teaching hospitals. Our programmes allow you to choose whether you preference staying in one hospital for both years, or rotate between one of our district hospitals and a teaching hospital. All our programmes include a community placement and are broad and balanced.

Once your Foundation Training is complete you will have plenty of opportunity to continue your career in the East of England. With internationally renowned experts, world-class facilities and superb research opportunities, the East of England offers everything you could need. Our Beyond Foundation pages are being developed for you to easily access careers support.

 You can follow us on our twitter feed or Dr Johnson shares lots of resources.


East of England Foundation Doctors Presentation Day 2021 – Friday 21 May 2021

Friday 21 May 2021 | Virtual Conference

All Foundation Doctors, Trainers and Postgraduate Centre Colleagues are warmly invited to a day of presentations by F1 and F2 doctors.
We are now accepting abstract submissions! Deadline Tuesday 4th May at 17.00.

See our flyer for more information on the event and abstract submissions.

Questions about this event? Email:   


New foundation curriculum!

Go to the UKFPO webpage for more details and resources. A real change!

Covid-19 Updates:

To all our trainees, thankyou so much for all your work during the covid surges. At this time of delivering to the national critical need, we are proud that you understood that bigger picture planning has been necessary and delivered very rapidly.We know it hasn't been easy, and many of you will be feeling a mixture of pride at your work, but also tiredness, and maybe even more than that, some exhaustion or feeling 'burnt out'. Please ensure that you have some leave, an opportunity to relax and reset. Although we know that you have within you the resilience and adaptability and knowledge to continue, each of us will have moments when we need some additional support, be it a local smile and cup of coffee, or a little bit more. 

Our PSW page has wellbeing support and offers, and accepts trainee self referrals if you wish for more personal support, this is perhaps even more important now we have a chance to reflect on our experiences:

There is also a dedicated inbox for any Covid-19 specific queries:

As the Covid-19 situation continues to change, HEE, following government direction, will make considered decisions around training which we will be bound to follow and will do so often with short notice. In doing so, we are always looking to have your interests met whilst keeping the patient at the centre of all we do. We know, understand and accept that many of you are disappointed with some of the changes we have made in the first surge, and we are looking to do things differently in the approaching winter surge. We hope to protect rotations overall and clinical placements, but there may be within specialty redeployment and the possibility of large shorter term redeployments cant be ignored, dependent on the severity of locality surge. Please speak to your FTPD early around health or other issues that may impact your clinical work so that they and us can be looking in advance for your bespoke options. Returning to a 'new normal' through this year will also not be straightforward and there will likely be some ongoing changes to deployment through the coming year.

Nationally, HEE maintains an up to date page of information for trainees:


The ARCP will continue to have adjustments, please see UKFPO website

UKFPO advice for those returning from shielding

Welcoming our new F1 

We are proud to welcome you to the EoE, and hope that you really enjoy your time with us.  The webpage for last years FiY1s can be found here: as it may contain useful resources for you. We have a series of welcome webinars. SIgn up through our smart survey