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How and when do I register with the GMC?

General Guidance & Process

At the end of the first Foundation year, F1 trainees are required to apply for full registration with the GMC.

N.B. A trainee must not undertake any F2 post or clinical duties that require full registration until their application for full registration has been processed and granted.

It is therefore important that a trainee allows ample time for the registration process to be completed, to ensure that full GMC registration is in place before the start of an F2 post.

GMC Application on-line

Applicants for full registration need to make their application via the GMC Online for Doctors facility on the GMC website.

All F1 Doctors should read the guidance on the GMC website regarding full registration.

Declaration of Fitness to Practise (FTP)

All doctors applying for registration are asked to complete a declaration of fitness to practise and final declaration, further information can be found on the GMC website.

Who can I speak to for careers guidance/support?
Your Educational Supervisor can offer you careers support throughout your training; and they will direct you to your Trust's Careers Lead if needed. You may also wish to browse the following sites:

The Careers Support Form is attached below - Attach form - LINK

How do I find out my ARCP date? What is required of me in preparation for my ARCP?

A member of the Assessment Team or your local Foundation School Administrator will be in touch with you with regards to your ARCP date and the information required from you. You will be given no less than 6 weeks’ notice of your ARCP date.

If, for some reason, you have not received your ARCP date then please do contact the Assessment Team or your local Foundation School Administrator

How do I get access to the Horus ePortfolio?

All new FY1 doctors will be set up on the Horus e-portfolio at the beginning of the training year and will be given log in details and a username by the Postgraduate Education Centre team at their employing Trust. These details and further information about the e-portfolio are usually provided to new FY1s during shadowing week.

If you have any technical issues with Horus, it is best to contact the Service Desk team via email.

How does the Foundation recruitment process work?

Recruitment is through the national process on ORIEL for both the two-year programmes and the standalone programmes. For definitive details and timelines please have a look at the UK Foundation programme website. It is really important to read the applicants handbook and follow the instruction. National recruitment is a large, resource heavy requirement and the dates are fixed.

For more information regarding Recruitment and how it works, we would advise looking at our recruitment page.

How do I apply for Study Leave?

It is important trainees follow the correct application processes for study leave during their foundation training, this includes the activity listed in the taught programme (core and non-core) which will require local approval and, in some cases, FTPD approval. For aspirational leave (including overseas) this will require an additional level of sign-off using the HEE EoE form. Detailed guidance for FY1 and FY2 and the appropriate approval routes can be found in the study leave guidance for foundation programme document.

For further information, please see our Taught Programme and Study Leave page.

Where can I find updated information regarding Covid-19?

HEE would like to ensure all trainees are kept up to date with the current situation. We keep in touch via email updates, Twitter and ensure our Website is kept updated.

For Foundation specific updates, we would advise you to check our Foundation Homepage which is regularly updated.

We also have a dedicated section on the website which can be found here: https://heeoe.hee.nhs.uk/psw/covid-19

There is also a dedicated inbox for any Covid-19 specific queries: COVID19-PSW.EoE@hee.nhs.uk

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Useful web links

Deanery wide processes can be found on the main site trainee resources hub.

Nation wide processes as part of UKFPO can be found on their resource bank page

Foundation Programme Review https://www.hee.nhs.uk/our-work/doctors-training/foundation-review