Due to a large number of NHS Trust service reconfigurations, all posts may be subject to change (sometimes at short notice) in relation to placement order, specialty, length and site. All F1 and F2 posts are subject to change at any time during your Foundation Programme.

The Transfer of Information guide is linked below. You can visit foundationprogramme.nhs.uk for information and advice on the national application process. You may also wish to download our Local Allocation Process or the Applicant Presentation.

For further information on post descriptions click here. For information on individual programmes please contact the related Trust.


Recruitment Timeline

Recruitment Timeline 2017-18

25 Sept 2017

Register on Oriel. You will be sent an email containing a link to a URL.
You must then follow the instructions to change password and then register on Oriel. You will only be able to register if you have been nominated by your medical school/UKFPO.

2-13 Oct 2017

Complete the online application form for both the Foundation Programme and if required the Academic Foundation Programme. The application period closes at 12.00 noon (BST) on 14 October 2016. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

1 Dec 2017

8 Jan 2018

National Situational Judgement Test dates.

Mid Feb 2018 Final programmes available to view on Oriel.

8 Mar 2018

FP primary list allocation. Your SJT and overall application score will be on your Oriel account. If you are allocated to a foundation school as part of the initial allocation process, i.e. to the primary list, you will also be able to see which UoA you have been allocated to. Allocated UoA will provide details via email on how to rank their programmes together with the timeline.

By 31 Mar 2018

FP primary list applicants need to select their programme preferences on Oriel.
Deadlines and processes for matching your specific foundation programmes will vary by UoA. Check your allocated UoA’s website for further information.

5 Apr 2018

FP primary list applicants notified of programme matches. You will need to log into your Oriel account to see which foundation programme you have been matched to by your allocated UoA.

From April 2018

FP reserve list batch allocations. The highest scoring applicants on the FP reserve list will be allocated to any vacancies that have arisen since the last allocation.

Jun 2018

You must have provisional GMC registration with a licence to practise before your employer will issue a contract of employment. Registering with the GMC is a different process from applying to the Foundation Programme. You must apply to the GMC directly. The GMC recommends you apply in May 2016 to ensure you are registered before the start of your FP shadowing period.

Jul 2018

Contracts of employment issued by your employing Trust who will also confirm your salary, pay banding, location and starting rota.

Jul/Aug 2018 Foundation Programme starts. Newly appointed F1 doctors are required to attend a period of shadowing the F1 doctor they are taking over from before the start of the Foundation Programme. Your employer will contact you with the details of local arrangements and your required start date which is likely to be late July 2018.
Pre-Allocation under Special Circumstances

If you have a caring responsibility or a medical condition which restricts you to a particular location, you may be eligible to apply for pre-allocation to a specific Foundation School.

However, due to the limited number of placements available, it's not possible to be pre-allocated to a specific area or hospital within this Foundation School's remit.

Please refer to the Applicants' Handbook for further information.

Linked Applications

Linked applications offer placements within the catchment area of the Foundation School but we can't guarantee that you and your partner will be placed in the same hospital or city.

Linked applications will only be honoured if:

  • All the information required is provided on both your forms
  • Neither you nor the other individual has been pre-allocated on the grounds of special circumstances
  • You both score highly enough to be on the primary list
  • You have ranked the UoAs in the same order of preference
  • Neither you nor the individual has accepted an AFP offer
  • There are two places available in a UoA when it is your turn to be allocated based on the lower of both scores.

There is no option to un-link an application under any circumstances once it has been linked to another applicant.

For further information on linked applications please refer to the Applicants' Handbook.

EPM scores explained

As part of your application to individual Academic Units of Application (UoA) it is likely that you will be asked to provide more information about additional educational achievements. The AUoA may also refer to your EPM decile score when considering your application. 
Applications will have a maximum score of 100 points and this will consist of two components:
1. Educational Performance Measure (EPM) - 50 points maximum
2. SJT (selection assessment for FP 2014) - 50 points maximum
The EPM comprises two elements: medical school performance and educational achievements. A maximum of 50 points is available.
Your medical school performance score will be calculated by your medical school, which will divide your year group into 10 equal groups (deciles) based on performance in a number of assessments. Each UK medical school has agreed with its students which assessments will be included in this measure. This element of the EPM is known as the EPM decile score. 
If you are in the first decile (the top 10% of your year), you will receive a score of 43; if you are in the second decile your score will be 42; the third decile 41 and so on. Students in the tenth decile will be awarded 34 points.
If you are graduating from a UK medical school, these scores will be supplied by your medical school and uploaded into the system.
Each Academic Unit of Application will undertake its own short-listing and will invite short-listed applicants to attend an interview. 
Following interviews, each AUoA will allocate a score for each interviewed applicant. This AUoA specific score will be added to your EPM score to provide your overall ranking score for your AFP application. The highest scoring AFP applicants (AUoA score + EPM score) will receive offers.
Although your SJT score will not be used to calculate your AFP ranking score for the purposes of AFP offers, all AFP offers are subject to a satisfactory SJT score. This means that you are not withdrawn from the national process due to an exceptionally low SJT score.
More detail can be found in the Applicants’ Handbook