Our aim is to develop an excellent 60 hours taught programme that truly meets the needs of our foundation trainees. This is to enhance Foundation training but it also supports future careers plans for core/higher/run through training by offering something new and exciting.

In line with the new EoE 60 Hours Taught Programme Each trainee will have 3 x 1/2 days as part of their generic training in both F1 and F2 and will be encouraged to sign up in the professional practice week or at least within the first few weeks of their training. Two half day sessions (or 1x full day session) should be clinical and the other should be non-clinical or relate to professionalism. We are really pleased to see the level of enthusiasm so far in with trainees booking their Hubs. However please can we ask that you do not sign up for more than 2x Clinical and 1x non Clinical event - if you do you will block other trainees opportunities to register. We will offer any gaps at a later date as study leave opportunities.

We hope that our trainees will meet higher trainees and enthusiastic educators in specialties that they have a particular interest in and may choose to continue their training in the East of England.

Please be aware that due to recent circumstances some trusts may need to limit their spaces and therefore, due to the requirement for infection control, may not be able to accommodate a large number of trainees from partnering trusts. 

Please see our guidance document for more information as well as our Hub spreadsheet which details all Hubs and their locations.

Please note that the Hub spreadsheet is a guide only and should not be used to contact administrators to make bookings.  We have included direct links to Bridge booking for ease of reference. 




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