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Enhancing Generalist Skills
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Welcome to Enhance in the East of England

We have a very ambitious vision in the East of England for developing generalist skills






Enhance is our multiprofessional contextual leadership development offer in the East of England (EOE).  Inspired by the key findings of the NHS Future Doctor Report (2020), along with the NHS Long-Term Plan, the EOE is trailblazing the way in bringing this exciting multiprofessional offer to foundation doctors, pharmacists, physician associates and dentists. We are also currently working with colleagues in the East of England to bring this to a wider multiprofessional audience, including AHP's.







Enhance supports the development of generalist skills, supporting our learners to become holistic clinicians with the capability to adapt the needs of their patients.  To understand the challenges within our ever-changing healthcare environment and to advocate for positive change in the health and social care landscape.  The East of England Enhance programme provides unique multiprofessional learning and development opportunities.


Enhance is about equipping healthcare professionals with generalist skills to work across traditional disciplinary and speciality boundaries.


IT IS about developing a mindset that allows you to extend your skill set to better suit tasks that you come across throughout your career.


IT IS equipping you with a set of skills and values to allow you to work across traditional boundaries.


IT IS enabling our future healthcare workforce to deal with increasing complexity.


IT IS about flexibility and adaptability of approach rather than a rigid commitment to a single narrow area of specialist knowledge.




The Enhance programme is themed around six modules and four cross cutting themes:




These core units allow the healthcare professional in training, to develop as a skilled practitioner with knowledge and expertise in a broad range of disciplines that will stand them in good stead to work within the 21st century NHS.


Each module offers triggers for deeper learning, reflective practice and for the opportunity of activism and quality improvement experience.


There are 3 levels of enhance available in the East of England:


Enhance explore

Our 2-year programme for doctors in select foundation priority programmes in the EOE, available via the UKFPO Foundation Priority Programmes (FPP) route.


Enhance engage

Our 1-year priority offer for foundation pharmacists in the EOE.


Enhance enable

Our option available to all foundation doctors, foundation pharmacists, Physician Associates (PAs), and Dentists in the East of England.


Enhance embed

Currently under development, our planned enhance embed programme will bring enhance into speciality training programmes in the East of England. 

More details for the embed learning pathway will be added when there is more to share 


We are creating leaders of the future.