The underlying principles tend to be the samelisten to concerns with interest, explore the background, take advice, seek an agreed way forward and review. We are all human, and none of us get it right all the time. The trick is to recognise that and to be willing to address matters when needed, with respect and care for each other.

Wherever possible, it is good practice to address concerns early and involve the appropriate people to reach a resolution of whatever the concern is. When deciding on the best person to approach for advice, it is always worth considering if the concern arises from an employment matter or an educational one. A supportive and thorough induction period can go a long way to create the atmosphere in which concerns can be aired and addressed early on. Getting to know our trainees as people can also help understand the challenges they face and how that might impact on their training at times. Vijay Nayar  has produced a template to help guide 121 discussions with trainees. Please do consider using that, where appropriate. The SKIPE model can also help to gather background information.

Pastoral support for our trainees is a theme that runs all through this guidance, as well as educators supporting each other. Sometimes, a listening ear is all any of us need to help us work out how to approach our own concerns. It is always worth reflecting on our own part, as educators, in whatever the situation might be. As well as that of the organisation in which we work.

These scenarios are not exhaustive, rather they are intended as examples to help think about who can help. Wherever, you have any doubt, please do speak to one of your local TPDs for advice. They will know where to seek further advice, as needed.



Useful Contacts

Lead Employer Helpdesk Team

Receives incoming telephone calls and emails for all specialities and all regions with the key objective being to resolve queries at the first point of contact, unless more complex when the trainee will be diverted to:  

Team Manager = Roxanne Gibson

Team Leaders = Andrea Taylor-Morgan and Jodie Greenall

01514787777  (This is the initial contact telephone number for all areas)


Data and On-boarding Team

Responsible for all aspects of on-boarding concerning new trainees, contract Issues and advising Payroll of new starter information.

Team Manager = Angie McCoy

Team Leaders = Nicola Kenyon and Rachel Potter

Rotations and Contract Changes Team

Responsible for assessing and processing any changes associated with the employment of Trainees. This includes processing information provided by HEE in relation to the Training placements and updating employment status such as Maternity, Paternity, OOP, and changes in hours or grade.

The team will be responsible for the TIS/ESR Interface and all aspects of the link between the Lead Employer and receipt of HEE Data.

Team Manager = Gill Massey

Team Leaders = Rachel Murphy and  Vicky Miller

Pay and Work Schedules Team

Responsible for requesting work schedules as per rotation changes and for new starters and LTFT Trainees.

The team will review and process applications for removals and excess mileage claims for all HEE Areas and will complete payroll audits.  They will also be responsible for review of Lease Car Applications.

Team Manager = Lyndsey McLoughlin

Team Leaders = Jayne Ashton and Tom Gerrard

HR Case Management

Provides HR advice and guidance about key HR policies, including complex health concerns, conduct, grievance and dignity at work issues.

Assistant HR Business Partner (EOE) = Anne Potter

HR Advisor (EOE) = Ruth McCann

Shared Services
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