Global Health Fellowships for East of England Doctors in Training - Exciting! Challenging! Rewarding!


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Global health is a real priority for the East of England and there are a number of opportunities offered.

There is a longstanding Global Health Fellowship Programme  for those commencing General Practice, Paediatrics and ACCS Emergency Medicine Training.  It is an opportunity to gain experience that will both compliment your training and lead some Doctors in Training (DiTs) to develop a career incorporating Global Health.  Previous DiTs who have taken up the opportunity invariably describe the experience as life changing.  Opportunities for 4 to 6 months volunteering posts are available in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.  Paid 12 months Medical Officer posts may be available in South Africa in the future.  Links to apply for these programmes are found below.

Since 2021 in partnership with the Cambridge Global Health Partnership (CGHP) there has been the opportunity to apply for a Global Health Fellowship. This provides an opportunity to Senior DiTs in an East of England Training Programme to develop greater understanding and participate in global health activities. It has been hugely popular with the Senior DiTs who have been part of the programme and has secured funding.

Beyond the East of England  HEE offers national positions including 6-12 month voluntary positions teaching leadership and research. Links again listed below with brochures and also the support that HEE offers the volunteers.

The East of England is lucky to have links with CGHP which offers support for numerous projects across the world and can help students and staff to undergo electives and volunteering programmes.

Within the links below you can find further information about the Global Health opportunities available to DiTs within the East of England.