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EDI Reciprocal Mentoring Program 2024
Trainees and Educators working together to level the playing field




How does a lack of equity and inclusion in a diverse workspace impact trainees? 

According to a recent survey, more than 60% of us fear being labelled a "troublemaker" for highlighting race discrimination, despite more than 40% of us losing our jobs as a result of the same racially discriminatory behaviour.

What is going on? And why aren't we speaking up? When someone does speak up, only around 5% of us are taken seriously. What happens to the rest? They are reportedly confronted by denial, a minimising of harm, a reluctance to acknowledge race as an issue and a lack of empathy. 

Most recent tribunal proceedings lay evidence to the horrors of organisational negligence within the NHS when it comes to defending racist and discriminatory actions of individuals. (Kline and Warmington, 2024 - "Too Hot to Handle? Why Concerns About Are Not Heard... or Acted On" - BRAP)


Reciprocal Mentoring between Educators and Trainees to impact differential attainment in EOE

In 2023, we ran a program bringing together senior leadership in the deanery, and matched them with junior doctors. It was a success. To name a few, they discussed issues about racial discrimination, the impact of gender-based inequalities and lack of insights into neurodiversity within our training programs and associated hospitals. It triggered awareness, encouragement and a commitment to make change. Some even demonstrated initiatives by the end of our program to support such change. Most of our mentor/mentee pairs continue to work collaboratively, persisting on shifting attitudes and behaviours in the right direction.

For 2024, based on feedback from our previous cohort and in consideration of the current political climate, our new program is more robust and inclusive. It integrates in-person Masterclasses from prominent names in the industry, introduces Action Learning Sets to coach participants and, our aspiration currently in its development stage, a UK-first integrated simulation-based training in EDI-scenarios. 



The Commitment - A Memorandum of Understanding

Our ask is simple. 

Sign-up (This form)

Match-up (Make the most of your match)

Show-up (Two in-person days are mandatory, most of the rest is virtual)

Speak-up (Show everyone what you did at the end of program)


This 7-day program is stretched over 6-months as full and half-days, from July to Dec 2024. All activities are organised to align with the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. Mandatory in-person days are 5th July and 6th September (both Fridays) at Victoria House, Cambridge. 


By joining you commit to

A- Exploring and challenging your biases, prejudices and perceptions

B- Engaging with the Programme

C- Respecting the rules of engagement

D- Journaling your journey

E- Reporting your achievement



Our commitment to you

We will provide the platform, the learning tools and coaching facilities, the governance structure and, in some cases, the necessary funding* to help you engage in the program. 

Recruitment Window Closes - 17 June 2024 



*funding varies by participant. Please contact the EOE Deanery EDI Team for more details. 
EDI Reciprocal Mentoring Team

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Project Lead - Adil Khan (

TPD - Elizabeth Malaga (

Associate Dean - Malini Prasad (

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Friday, 5 July, 2024 to Friday, 29 November, 2024
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Monday, 13 May, 2024 to Thursday, 4 July, 2024