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NHSE-EOE offers a number of fellowships that provide trainees with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in education, leadership, quality improvement, mentoring, global health and clinical entrepreneurship whilst continuing with their clinical training.

Most fellows opt to train LTFT, although some may take an OOP to work as a fellow. Posts last one year. Fellows are expected to complete a specific project and present this at relevant conferences / meetings. Project support is provided by the educational research group which meets on-line monthly.

In 2021 we reviewed the fellows programme in line with GMC promoted curriculum changes that have a greater emphasis on professional capabilities.  NHSE-EOE is committed to this programme and fellows are enrolled on a development programme whilst in post.

Below you will find the Job Description for all roles we currently recruit to within the EoE.  Please see the recruitment section of the website for information on roles currently in advertisement to ensure you don't miss your opportunity to apply! 



Fellowship Job Descriptions 2024-25