Am I eligible to apply?

If you are working with an East of England Training Programme and hold an NTN (National Training Number) then you are absolutely eligible to apply for an HEE Fellowship!

Will I be paid for an HEE Fellowship Role?

Yes. A financial agreement will be organised between HEE and your employing trust. Therefore the percentage of time you spend working for HEE you will receive payment for via your employing trust  along with your clinical salary.

What percentage of time will I be required to commit to the role?

This is dependent on the role! Roles range from 10-40% of FT - please review each Job description for more information on our 'Current Fellow Recruitment' page

Why do I require TPD approval in writing before applying?

It is important that your trust offer you full support in your application for the role and that provisions are put in place at the earliest point should you be successful and accept the role.

How long does each fellowship last?

For 12 months only. The fellowships are intended to be a one year experience for our doctors in training after which we would like to offer another trainee the opportunity to undertake the role.

Why are there no opportunities relevant to my specialty/interests?

We currently offer 20+ fellowship opportunities and while we would love to offer more we have to work within the available funding. Should more opportunities be granted these will be added to the website so please keep checking back!

Monday, 14 October, 2019
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Monday, 14 October, 2019