Trainee bursary - PG Certificate, PG Diploma (60 credit top up), Masters (60 credit top up) in Medical Education

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Bursary Timeline

Bursary timeline:

Applications open - 14th March 2023

Closing applications - 12th April 2023

Shortlisting - 21st April to 5th May 2023

Allocations - 8th May to 12th May 2023

Outcomes & offer acceptance - 15th May to 19th May 2023

Clearing - 22nd May to 26th May 2023

Appeals - 29th May to 9th June 2023

Feedback requests - 12th June to 16th June 2023

Supporting Statement

Supporting statement document:

Please ensure you download and save the document locally on your PC/laptop, then open it as a PDF with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader before completing. The form cannot be opened or completed in a web browser. If you are having difficulties, please view the guidance video here:


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Friday, 4 January, 2019