ARCP and Sign-off

The Annual Review of Competency Progression [ARCP] is a review of evidence of achievement over the course of a year of training. The ARCP Panel will review and validate the educational supervisor's recommended outcome against the foundation doctor's portfolio of evidence. Although the ARCP is not in itself an assessment, it is a summative judgement of a foundation doctor's performance and development throughout the year. The ARCP Panel will make recommendations to the postgraduate dean, meaning the ARCP process decides whether an individual doctor can progress to the next stage of training.

Progression is dependent on evidence that the foundation doctor has met or exceeded the minimum expected level of performance in each of the foundation professional capabilities (foundation programme training outcomes). For information on targets and assessment please refer to the curriculum.

Even if you are on maternity leave/statutory leave or out of programme an ARCP will be held for you [please review the foundation guide] and you will be asked to provide a form R to the ftpd, as well as a return date where possible. Please also see the ARCP page on the UKFPO website

ARCP Documents within e-portfolio:

Your ARCP is held usually May/June in the academic year within a nationally set dates window.


We will be updating guidance on:

  • F1 Sign Off, ARCP and Full GMC Registration Process

  • F2 Sign Off, ARCP and Revalidation Process

  • For detailed guidance on applying for your Certificate of Experience visit the GMC webpage.


You need to check the updated ARCP checklist when you start your post and again in April.

There is a minimum of 60 hours teaching expected, details of this can be found on the following webpage:


Most trainees will have their ARCP at their local trust, however, we ask for those who may not get 'signed off' - ie get an outcome 1 or 6, to come to a central ARCP where there will be at least one of the foundation school directors, as well as a lay representative and your local FTPD or representative. Here we can not only make a judgement around the ARCP outcome, but then discuss with you once the panel has reached the decision as to next steps. These are usually in the first week of July.

GMC SURVEY [F1 and F2] and Foundation Destination Survey [F2] which is currently closed. 

You are required to complete these for your successful ARCP.


ARCP further information


Please refer to foundation checklists for F1 and F2 checlists. 

Form R

In order to complete Form R, please log in to Horus and follow the instructions:

1)    Go to Forms (start new) menu

2)    Mandatory forms for each year

3)    Select ‘Form R’

4)    Select ‘Create’ next to the rotation of which you need to complete the Form R

5)    Read the important guidance at the start of the form and the instruction throughout carefully

6)    Complete all mandatory fields in the form – or you can ‘Save (leave as draft) if you are not sure of some of the information.

7)    You must save and submit the form before your ARCP panel meets.

ARCP Panel

The ARCP in foundation is completed electronically via your ePortfolio (Horus). A review of every foundation doctor’s achievements and progression, using evidence within the e-Portfolio (Horus) and other resources will be done by an ARCP Panel.

The panel will consist of at least three panel members; one of which will be a registered and licensed medical practitioner on the specialist or GP register.

The panel typically comprises of the FTPD (Chair of the panel) and two other members. Additional /other members could include:

·         A postgraduate centre manager/other senior administrator

·         Clinical supervisor

·         Educational supervisor

·         Lay representative

·         External trainer

·         Employer representative

·         External deanery/foundation school representative

Please note that a satisfactory completion of F1 or F2 result in your ARCP is only a recommendation for sign off. It is not the same or equivalent to your F1CC or FPCC which you will receive if successfully signed off. 

FY1 certificate of completion

Completion of Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion

It is the responsibility of the Foundation School to produce the end of year competence document for trainees. FY1 doctors who have successfully completed their FY1 training year and have achieved an ARCP Outcome 1 will have a “Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion” (F1CC) document created for them. This document serves as an end of year certificate, and will be signed-off by the Foundation School Director, Postgraduate Dean or other authorised signatory.

The EoE Foundation Schools will not provide an FY1 trainee with their “Foundation Year 1 Certificate of Completion” certificate until the following have been completed and submitted.

  • Form R - complete and submit on ePortfolio
  •  Electronically sign ARCP Outcome form within 10 days of ARCP review
Foundation Programme Completion Certificate (FPCC)

It is the responsibility of the Foundation School to produce the end of year competence form for trainees. F2 doctors who have successfully completed their F2 training year and have achieved an ARCPOutcome 6 will have a “Foundation Programme Completion Certificate (FPCC)” form created for them.  This form serves as an end of year certificate, and will be signed-off by the Head of Foundation School.

  • F2 doctors will have their FPCC certificate released on their e-Portfolio by the assessment team once we have received notification from your employing Trust that you have achieved an ARCP Outcome 6 and the ARCP has been electronically signed by the F2 doctor. 
  • The F2 doctor’s e- signature triggers the creation of the FPCC certificate on the e-Portfolio. Without a signature, the FPCC will not be auto-generated.
  • A copy of the completed FPCC certificate will be retained on each trainee's e-Portfolio account for future reference and can be printed off by the trainee. An electronic copy will also be kept on file at the Foundation School.
  • This form will need to be produced as proof that a trainee has completed F2 training when applying for specialty training.   
  • EoE Foundation Schools will no longer print hard copies of the “Foundation Achievement of Competence Document (FPCC)” 


The EoE Foundation Schools will not provide an F2 trainee with their FPCC certificate until the following have been completed and submitted -

  • Form R  - complete and submit on ePortfolio
  • F2 Destination survey – complete via Survey Monkey link which will be sent out in June
  • Electronically sign ARCP Outcome form within 10 days of ARCP review
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