Moving and/or Changing Rotations

Inter foundation school transfer [IFST] NB THIS HAS CHANGED FOR 2020

Changing Foundation Schools

To qualify for an IFST, you must be able to provide evidence that your circumstances have changed unexpectedly since your initial application and that you have an unanticipated caring responsibility or medical condition, which now requires you to remain in a specific location. The criteria are very strict and are followed closely. Please refer to the UKFPO documentation.

Please note that you will not qualify for a transfer on the basis of pregnancy:

  • 3.1.2 If the sole criterion is that the applicant (or their partner) has become pregnant since submitting their Foundation Programme application or since commencing their foundation training, this will not be regarded as a reason for an inter-foundation school transfer 

Please see UKFPO website guidance for medical students and trainees on the new centralised IFST process and the electronic form. This process has been aligned with the Inter-Deanery Transfer (IDT) process used in specialty. guide below in files.
Please also find guidance for foundation schools in regard to this process, which includes details of the timelines involved. The majority of applications for IFST will be managed centrally, however there will still be the option for trainees to apply to the foundation school for transfers at short notice due to exceptional circumstances.

Please check the UKFPO website for important future dates.

New rotations commence August 2020 *incomplete applications will not be put forward for consideration by clinical panels and will be withdrawn.

IFST Guidance Document 

Intra foundation school transfers

Moving Trust, within the same Foundation School

Each year we have some trainees that do require to move trusts for very specific and valid reasons between F1 and F2. They are low in number and we review the indications for movement along the lines of the inter-deanery transfer. If you fall into this category, we would always suggest discussing this with your FTPD first. If this is not possible, or you feel uncomfortable, please contact the programmes team and the relevant deputy FSD. We will need you to provide the information to support your request, and may ask to meet you. Where possible, we will look for a placement that will be suitable. Our F2 posts are advertised for LAT recruitment in March, and so we will need to have your request wherever possible in February. There may not be a suitable post, and we may be unable to facilitate a transfer.

We specifically do not accept trainees who wish to stay in the teaching hospitals of NNUH or Addenbrookes instead of rotating to their peripheral F2 placement. You have applied for a post rotating between f1 and f2, where there were many non rotating posts available at DGH. We assume that you made this conscious decision to preference rotating so that you had the teaching hospital experience. Our policy on this, and the no swap, has been clearly on the website from before your ORIEL application, to allow you to know this wasn't possible. Do we ever have exceptions? Yes, but rarely, only under exceptional case by case basis, and this is predominantly with pre-allocated trainees who we have agreed this as a reasonable adjustment for working prior to commencement of F1.

If our PSW has strongly recommended the transfer, then we make every effort to accommodate this.

No-swap policy

In 2018, following discussion between the dean of  HEE EoE and BMA representation an agreement was made that there are now no swaps during foundation training, except those with exceptional need. Career needs can be managed with taster weeks. Exceptional need would require the robust evidence as per the IFST route and very early discussion from your FTPD/FSD and the PSW team

This does include travelling to community placements. We recommend that trainees review where their community placements are situated, learn to drive, check public transport etc so that they can attend work. This is particularly the case with GP placements as they are often rural. 

Thursday, 18 June, 2020
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