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The Platform was build with the idea that all Trainees should be able to access cross-specialty educational content whenever they need it, whilst maintaining the intellectual property rights of Educators when producing content for Trainees hosted on The Platform. The Rules of The Platform reflect the contractual agreements between Bridge/Panopto and HEE EoE. We have ensured that we put Patient, Trainee and Educator rights at the forefront of our contractual agreement. 


The Rules of The Platform:

General Rules:

1. Any content uploaded to Bridge or Panopto is owned by the producer of that content. Bridge or Panopto do not have the right to view, sell or distribute that content outside of HEE's knowledge.

2. Health Education England East of England will never allow Bridge or Panopto access to educational content unless required for Technical Support or Development Projects.

3. Content uploaded to Bridge or Panopto can not be distributed outside of the East of England without the written consent of the creator of that content.


Webinar Recordings and Panopto Rules*:

Quick Summary:

  • Confirm with the Presenter that they explicitly consent to being recorded with the understanding that their recording will only be viewed for educational purposes within the East of England. Should an educator want to use the recording outside the regional training program, written consent must be obtained from the Presenter.
  • Advise that the Session is being Recorded and that anyone wishing not to be identified is made aware of the Recording so that they may leave/opt-out of being recorded
  • Be Aware of Your Audience (NHS Common Law Duty of Confidentiality) – is this Internal NHS Staff or External?
  • Never use “Live Patient” or “Identifiable Patient Data” – use only “Test/Synthetic” Data
  • Recommend that Questions be taken at the End of the Session so that they may be edited out
  • Recommend that any “Personal Opinions” are stated as such, and are not necessarily endorsed by the Trust so as to mitigate Potential Reputational Damage
  • Recommend that Personal Contact Details be excluded from Presentations (in case of external non-NHS consumption)"


Detailed Breakdown:

1. Recorded Webinars must not contain patient identifiable information, unless appropriate consent, as outlined by GMC Guidance, has been taken from the patient. It is the responsibility of the Presenter to ensure patient confidentiality is maintained at all times.

2. Video Lectures uploaded to the Specialty Folders on Panopto can be viewed by any Doctor working within the East of England should they wish. Should you need a private video folder for a discrete group of trainees to access or to store potentially sensitive educational content please contact the Blended Learning Team at

3. Video Lectures uploaded to Panopto can be used as part of Online Course Content on Bridge without the approval of the creator of that lecture/presentation, should the presentation satisfy the learning objectives of the course. It is advised that only relevant sections of the video should be used. This may require a copy of the presentation to be made within Panopto in order to edit out irrelevant content without affecting the Master video. This ensures that the amount of intellectual property shared is kept to a minimum and Master Videos are maintained in their original format.

4. Videos within Panopto can not be downloaded onto a personal device. HEE EoE administrators do have the ability to download video for governance purposes only and will notify the producers of the content before downloading any content. Once the governance process is complete the video must be deleted off the HEE device.

5. Trainees should be notified that the meeting is going be recorded before any Webinar/Face-to-Face recording starts. Should the trainee not wish to be recorded during a Webinar or Face-to-Face lecture, the recording should be paused before the trainee asks a question and restarted when the trainee is happy. Additionally, the trainee should turn off their video and microphone for the duration of the Webinar should they not wish to be recorded. If this is not possible then the meeting should not be recorded whilst the trainee is present.

6. Before any recording takes place, there should be a pause for any questions to be asked about how recordings are stored and used on the Online Platform. Reference to this webpage is appropriate. It is important to be aware that HEE EoE will never use recordings as evidence of knowledge or competence and will not be used as evidence of such at ARCP. Lectures should be regarded as a "safe" space where concepts and ideas can be shared and debated without fear of judgement with regards to competence or performance.

7. Should a Guest Speaker from outside the region request consent for their Lectures to be stored on the Platform, please use this form and send a copy to the Blended Learning Team at

* Full Lecture Capture Policy Documents are available to download at the bottom of this page.




Bridge Rules:

1. Any courses developed on Bridge can be shared across Bridge accounts only after expressed written permission (email is suffice) has been obtained by Specialty Leads.

2. Where possible all Live Training Events on Bridge should be made available to All Learners in their Library.

3. HEE EoE may use attendance registers to audit regional training days and can be used as evidence of attendance at regional teaching at ARCP.




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