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Genito-Urinary Medicine in the East of England 

Genito-urinary Medicine encompasses the care of people with sexually transmitted infections, non-transmissible genital infections, genital dermatological problems, and HIV infection. Many other conditions can present, including psychosexual problems. There are strong links with dermatology, gynaecology, urology and infectious diseases. All the district general hospitals in the region have a Genito-urinary Medicine clinic. 


Attractions of the Specialty

Genito-urinary Medicine offers a highly attractive career to any doctor who enjoys the inter-personal, low-tech aspects of medicine. The doctor-patient consultation is continually interesting. Uncommonly for medicine, the patients are mainly young. The speciality is largely outpatient-based, although genito-urinary physicians have a variable degree of input into the in-patient care of HIV patients and some other genito-urinary patients. On-call is rarely onerous, although this varies according to the HIV workload of the clinic.

Clinics are usually open approximately nine to five Monday to Friday, although some clinics hold one or more evening sessions. Epidemiology and microbiology form a significant part of the necessary knowledge base. HIV Medicine, in particular, progresses very rapidly and it is necessary to be right up to date to provide optimal care. In this field and in other branches of Genito-urinary Medicine there is plenty of scope for research. Finally, Genito-urinary Medicine tends to attract open-minded doctors and nurses who like people. The chances are, therefore, that you will find your colleagues congenial and the working atmosphere is typically high spirited.


Training Programmes

iCaSH Cambridge. The training is currently at Lime Tree Clinic throughout the four years, with HIV clinics and ward rounds at Addenbrooke’s hospital. The clinic provides integrated Contraception and Sexual health services. Additional HIV experience is arranged with a London in patient unit. The medical staff of the department consists of three consultants, one associate specialist, 3 part time/sessional speciality doctors, one Specialist trainee in Genitourinary medicine and a Specialist trainee in CSRH. There are close links with infectious diseases, gynaecology, dermatology, urology and microbiology etc. There are regular internal and external educational meetings. The department is deals with a wide range of Genito-urinary problems, with HIV care delivered at Addenbrookes and also at the iCaSH clinic in Huntingdon.

Watford, Luton & Dunstable, St. Albans, University College London.  The post offers wide experience in various aspects of sexual health. The participating clinics offer different models of clinical care and service provision for different populations. Luton Sexual Health is a fully integrated service caring for a diverse population with high levels of need, including high rates of gonorrhoea and syphilis and a large cohort of people living with HIV.  It also provides a psychosexual service, contraception training and outreach work with vulnerable populations. The Watford service has developed a broad sexual health ethos with specialist services for young people, outreach teams, vulval clinics etc. The St. Albans clinic is a high throughput traditional GUM service. Experience in specialist HIV in-patient care and academic teaching is provided through the Mortimer Market Centre of University College, London.

iCash Norwich. The training is currently at the Oak Street Clinic throughout the four years. This is one of the busiest GU Medicine Departments in the region. The clinic provides integrated Contraception, Sexual health services and HIV services. The medical staff of the Department consist of one full time and one part time GUM consultant  and one full time FSRH consultant, one full time Associate Specialist, one full time speciality doctor and two part time Speciality   doctors. There are close links with Dermatology, Respiratory Medicine, Microbiology, Gynaecology and Hepatology etc. HIV patients are admitted under a designated Respiratory Consultant. The service is one of the Regional HIV Network Centres. There are regular internal and external educational meetings. The Department deals with a wide range of genitourinary problems as well as HIV/AIDS.


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