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Genito-Urinary Medicine in the East of England 


Welcome to the GU Medicine pages for the East of England. GU Medicine is a great specialty-from "see, diagnose and treat" with near patient testing for sexually transmitted infections to the long-term care of people living with HIV, from support of vulnerable patients to management of medical complexity, the specialty offers a broad variety of clinical experience working within enthusiastic multidisciplinary teams.

About the Specialty

Genito-urinary Medicine (GUM) is patient centred providing care for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV and provision of contraceptive care. There are a wide range of more specialist services such as young people's clinics, sexual dysfunction, genital dermatoses and outreach services for sex workers and drug users that can be developed as a special interest.








It also has a key public health role in provision of surveillance data for STI and HIV monitoring, identifying and managing local trends in infections and delivery of prevention.








The specialty is predominantly outpatient based and delivered in the community and has strong links with dermatology, gynaecology, urology   and infectious diseases. There is also plenty of opportunity to develop specific interests either clinically or in teaching or research.


Training in the East of England

HEE East of England covers both urban and rural areas across a wide geography with (for further information see ). In view of this, each of our three posts is based in a single site for the duration of training (Luton, Cambridge and Norwich.  This means that trainees are fully integrated into their department, but we also provide opportunities to link up across the region and with trainees in London.

While training is provided at the 3 centres below, we have a range of clinics in different settings across the region, and there are opportunities for experience in smaller clinic settings which provide services for different populations.

 Map of clinic locations
















What does training involve?

GUM is a group 1 specialty and leads to dual accreditation with Internal Medicine.  It is a four-year training programme which consists of 36 months of GU medicine and 12 months of Internal medicine (split over the 4-year programme). There are a range of options for gaining the internal medicine experience. Please click the link below and it shows in page 3.


Training can be delivered in a variety of settings including hospitals, day care facilities and the community. The GUM element includes gaining competencies in GU Medicine, HIV Medicine and Contraception by completion of training.Training also involves additional competencies in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Laboratory & Pathology, Dermatology, and Palliative and end of life care.



Further information on the curriculum is available at:

How do I apply?

To apply for GUM you will need to have completed IMT3 (or equivalent) and have achieved MRCP.  You will also need to demonstrate an understanding of what the specialty involves and some evidence of commitment (such as attending taster sessions or undertaking a relevant project).

How can I find out more or arrange a taster?

You can contact Dr Edwards by e-mail (details below) and she will be able to let you know about any taster days or put you in touch with your local clinic, or contact your local clinic directly.

iCaSH Cambridge.











Training is community based at Lime Tree Clinic, with HIV clinics and ward rounds and general medical experience at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The clinic provides integrated Contraception and Sexual health services.  Additional HIV experience is arranged with a London in patient unit.picture9.jpg









 The medical staff of the department consists of three consultants, one associate specialist, 3 part time/sessional specialty doctors, one Specialist trainee in Genitourinary medicine and a Specialist trainee in CSRH. There are close links with infectious diseases, gynaecology, dermatology, urology and microbiology etc. There are regular internal and external educational meetings.



The department deals with a wide range of Genito-urinary problems, with HIV care delivered at Addenbrookes and also at the iCaSH clinic in Huntingdon.

Luton & Dunstable. The post offers wide experience in various aspects of sexual health. Luton Sexual Health is a fully integrated service caring for a diverse population with high levels of need, including high rates of gonorrhoea and syphilis and a large cohort of people living with HIV.  It also provides a psychosexual service, contraception training and outreach work with vulnerable populations. Care is provided in a community setting, while the service remains part of the acute trust, and there are strong links with specialised HIV clinics and academic teaching at Mortimer Market, and inpatient HIV at a central London hospital.

Click the link below for a tour of the department:

iCaSH Norwich.






Training is currently based at the Oak Street Clinic throughout the four years with an inpatient block in London to develop inpatient HIV competencies. The clinic provides integrated Contraception, Sexual Health and HIV services. The medical staff of the department consist of 2 GUM/HIV Consultants, 2 FSRH Consultants, 4 Speciality Doctors and a CSRH trainee. 



This is one of the busiest GU Medicine Departments in the region with a wide range of GU training opportunities.  The HIV service runs clinics on most days with stable HIV patients as well as new diagnoses and transfers into the service.  There are close links with Dermatology, Respiratory Medicine, Microbiology, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Hepatology within the Acute Trust.  HIV patients are admitted locally under a designated Respiratory Consultant.  The service is one of the Regional HIV Network Centres with a monthly HIV Network Meeting as well as a weekly HIV MDT to discuss complex cases.  There are regular internal and external educational meetings via Teams and face to face.

Other resources

Detailed guidance on the Genito-Urinary Medicine assessment blueprint and curriculum is available from the JRCPTB website.

As a specialty we have a very friendly and active specialist society - British Association for sexual Health and HIV (BASHH), which is promoting the specialty.  Further information can be found at

In addition, there is a specific group for students and trainees, who are creating a network of ambassadors across the regions and medical schools.



Further Advice



Dr Sarah Edwards

Training Programme Director

iCaSH Bury St Edmunds, Abbey View Clinic

Dr Hannah Pintilie


iCaSH Norwich, Oak Street Clinic

Dr Nelson David


iCaSH Norwich, Oak Street Clinic

Dr Claudia Krause


iCaSH Cambridge, Lime Tree Clinic

Dr Holly Donson


iCaSH Cambridge, Lime Tree Clinic

Dr Joelle Turner


Luton Sexual Health

Dr Mimie Chirwa


Luton Sexual Health

Dr James Edwards

Head of School of Medicine

Health Education England, Working Across the East of England

Jai John Jose


School of Medicine Administrator

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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