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Welcome to Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust (CHUFT) which is situated in Britain's oldest recorded town, Colchester. It is easily accessible by both rail and motorway (through the A12 highway) and it is approximately an hour's commute from London. Alternatively, there is a train that originates from Liverpool Street, London. The trust serves a district population of approximately 334,000 with a high proportion of elderly people and, as a trainee, you will be exposed to a wide variety of clinical conditions and pathologies. The town itself has an active town centre and many amenities are nearby such as supermarkets and gyms.

The Internal Medical Training (IMT) Programme will consist of six 4-monthly rotation specialties including rotations such as Care of the Elderly, Intensive Care Medicine, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, Renal Medicine, Oncology, Gastroenterology and Endocrinology. The rotations include opportunities to experience Acute Medicine and self-organized tasters in specialties such as Neurology, Rheumatology, Haematology, etc. There are weekly CMT teaching sections on the Top 20 conditions, CMT curriculum generic topics teaching, specialty teaching (Geriatrics, Respiratory Medicine, and Radiology), journal club and grand rounds.

There will be opportunities to engage in audits and quality improvement projects and to present them at the Post-Graduate Medical Centre monthly. Colchester Post Graduate centre has access to the Up To Date on line resource for trainees . MRCP resources include books and past papers which are available in the library with free Medical Masterclass access and an annual MRCP PACES-style mock examination during a weekend in May. Colchester General Hospital is a MRCP PACES exam centre, usually running the exam annually every June.

College Tutor

Dr Vithian Karunakaran

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