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General Internal Medicine


East of England GIM Training Day Page for information on GIM training days in the region


Other resources are available to help bolster teaching numbers. Other offerings include research methodology, leadership and management, and research courses. These will be added as they become available.

Royal College of Physicians currently are running teaching sessions which carry CPD points

- Trainee Series - Free
- Acute Medicine Series - Free
- Acute and General Medicine Online Conference - £180 for 3 days with a 30-day "on demand" ability

School of Medicine Calendar for the most up to date information on EOE training availability 

HEE EoE Tomorrow's Teachers' Courses - check back on a regular basis to see if anything open for 2020 - 2021

Cambridge's PGME courses and study days  (include Research & Methodology Courses and Teaching Courses e.g. CASTLE, ALS courses) - The Cambridge Research & Methodology SMART course runs approximately yearly (usually in January) - a 2 day course, approximately 150-200 pounds.

Royal Society of Medicine -  a whole host of interesting topics, historically has run more expensive 2 day Research & Methodology Courses (nothing listed yet for 2020)

Resus Council ALS Course Page - Remember ALS is needed to pass GIM Year 1, 2 and PYA. Please don't forget to revalidate!


Geriatric Medicine


Please see below

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic we will be hosting a number of Virtual Study Day Sessions until the end of 2020. From the most recent government guidance released on 09/09/2020 it would be a safe assumption to say that virtual teaching will be the mainstream until the end of the Academic Year

On a brighter note: from feedback generated in the first teaching session on 09/09/2020, we will aim to embed virtual / recorded teaching components into all future sessions, even upon the phased return of physical meetings


Other days which may pique your interest:


             For more information :   https://heeoe.hee.nhs.uk/sites/default/files/g4j2020_flyer_pdf_0.pdf (embedded link)



NB: These have been added as courses which may prove interesting or useful to trainees as a means fulfil curriculum requirements. They do not serve as commercial advertisements in any way



Wednesday September 9th 2020 - Virtual Training Day - Introduction - DONE

Many thanks to all those who have attended this Zoom session. We had at one point up to 52 trainees and consultants in the same chat room, which is absolutely incredible!

Thursday October 15th 2020 - Virtual Training Day

Modality: Zoom due to social distancing measures 

Organisers: NNUH - Norwich

[CHANGE OF DATE] Wednesday November 18th 2020 - Virtual Training Day

Modality: Zoom due to social distancing measures 

Organisers: Princess Alexandra Hospital - Harlow

Saturday 21st November 2020 - Virtual 'Geriatrics for Juniors' Conference

Updates in Elderly Medicine for FY, CMT and GPVTS Doctors and Specialist Nurses.

Including the following sessions:

Stroke Medicine, Research in geriatrics, Community Geriatrics, Perioperative Care, Polypharmacy, Assessing capacity in the real world,

Life as a registrar, The Elderly Kidney, Parkinson's Disease.

Registration £27.50

For more info and registration details contact: aeme.org.uk/g4j20

Virtual 'Geriatrics for Juniors' Conference PDF

Wednesday December 9th 2020 - Virtual Training Day

Modality: Zoom due to social distancing measures 

Organisers: Southend


Provisional Dates for 2021

January 19th
February 11th
March 10th
April 5th
May 18th
June 10th

These dates are currently arbitrary and we are pending speakers for a programme. When these dates are formalised we will create a separate tab for them
Keep an eye on this website - it's updated weekly!

Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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Wednesday, 7 August, 2019 to Saturday, 7 August, 2021