Welcome to Geriatric Medicine in the East of England!

We offer flexible trainee-friendly rotations, a high quality regional training programme, an excellent work-life balance and very favourable consultant recruitment opportunities at the end of your training. We were rated 5th highest region in the UK for overall trainee satisfaction in the 2018 GMC Survey and 1st in the UK for quality of Educational Supervision. We offer monthly Geriatric Medicine Training Days focussed on the Higher Geriatric Medicine Curriculum. 


Round 2 recruitment for 2019 runs from Tuesday July 30th to Thursday August 15th

We have 12 posts available for Round 2 with starting Trusts as follows (from Feb 2020 to Aug 2020)

Cambridgeshire (Hinchinbrooke Hospital)


Southend (2 posts)



James Paget University Hospital (Great Yarmouth - job-sharing with a LTFT trainee)

Colchester (2 posts)

Harlow (3 posts)


All enquiries regarding posts available, potential rotations, interview advice and otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact Dr Colin Mason, the current Training Programme Director. We are very happy to discuss how to work out a training programme that will work best for you.



Wednesday, 21 November, 2018
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Wednesday, 21 November, 2018