Welcome to Geriatric Medicine in the East of England

We offer flexible trainee-friendly rotations, a high quality monthly regional training programme, excellent work-life balance and very favourable consultant recruitment opportunities at the end of training. We were rated 5th highest region in the UK for overall trainee satisfaction in the 2018 GMC Survey and 1st in the UK for the quality of our Educational Supervision. From 2020, we plan to offer a Geriatric Medicine Simulation "Bootcamp" to all incoming ST3 trainees (held this year on Sept 28th in Cambridge)

Round 1 applications for 2020 are now closed. Round 2 applications will reopen in the Summer. 


Due to the COVID-19 situation, all interviews for Round 1 were cancelled. The national decision has been to use trainee's self-assessment and shortlisting scores as the only means of recruitment for Round1 this year


The Trusts for  the ST3 year are listed below but trainees who would rather be based elsewhere for the remainder of their rotation will be able to discuss their options after offer acceptance with Dr Mason.

We do our absolute best to accommodate trainees work-life balance as well as training needs. 


We will have 12-13 posts available for Round 1 with starting Trusts as below (from August 2020). At least 4 of these posts will be offering the option of Flexible Portfolio Training. The Flexible Portfolio option is intended to be for the duration of ST3 year only (approximately 40 days of Quality Improvement work per year) but longer periods can be discussed at your ST4 ARCP if Trusts are supportive. 

Lister Hospital - 1 post

King's Lynn/James Paget - 0-1 post

West Suffolk Hospital (Bury St Edmonds) - 1 post 

Bedford Hospital - 1 post (Flexible Portfolio option)

Peterborough Hospital - 1 post (Flexible Portfolio option)

Southend - 1 post (Flexible Portfolio option)

Watford Hospital - 3 posts*

Colchester - 2 posts* (1 post at least to be the Flexible Portfolio option)

Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow  - 1 post

Basildon & Thurrock Hospital - 1 post


(* Trainees choosing Watford or Colchester in ST3 in 2020 will be given the first option of successful applicants of 2 years at either Addenbrooke's or Norwich Hospital as part of the remainder of their rotation if they wish to do so)


All enquiries regarding posts available, potential rotations, interview advice and otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact Dr Mason. We are very happy to discuss how to map out a training programme that will work best for you.



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