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AIM Regional Training Days

Training days aim to cover the Acute Internal Medicine curriculum developed by the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board and seek to build and sustain the community of Acute Medicine across the region.

Ten training days are hosted by all training locations across the training year that runs August to July. Attendance from all AIM higher specialty trainees in the region is expected and study leave should be granted to attend. The location and date of these training days will be communicated by the TPD in plenty of time to allow you to book study leave.

Co-ordination and administration of regional training days is managed by Dr Adcock and the training working group. Please email if you have any difficulties attending or suggestions or comments on training days.

Trainees are encouraged to attend the national and international meetings of the Society for Acute Medicine and AMGER and CAMBSEMS regionally.

During trainees' normal working week you should be rostered for one SPA session each week. A typical weekly timetable for an acute medicine placement might look something like this (although all Trusts have their own bespoke rota):

Day of the week Morning session Afternoon session
Monday AMU AMU / local teaching
Tuesday AMU Ambulatory care
Wednesday AMU General medicine clinic
Thursday AMU SPA time (Portfolio, audit)
Friday AMU Specialty skill session


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Friday, 8 March, 2019