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General (Internal) Medicine (GIM) 

Training in General (Internal) Medicine leads to acquisition of the skills and competencies that are needed to allow a consultant to assume clinical responsibility for the ‘general medical take’, which requires an ability to diagnose and treat patients with a wide range of acute and chronic presentations.

Within the East of England Deanery all trainees following the GIM curriculum to CCT will be doing so in parallel with training in another medical specialty.

Training Programme

The rotations of Specialty Registrars (StR) appointed to programmes in the East of England Deanery are organised by the relevant specialty training programme directors. In almost all cases these programmes will involve rotational appointments, with training in General (internal) Medicine for those trainees pursuing a dual CCT being deliverable at all hospitals, with the exception of the few that are purely specialist hospitals, e.g. Papworth.

If you have any questions you can reach out to the GIM trainee representative for the region using the email

You can find the GIM New Curriculum PYR report document form at the bottom of this page.

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Essential Qualifications for Entry

GIM Training Days

Please direct GIM Training Day enquiries to Specialty Administrator (HEE EoE School of Medicine Administrator) - Jai John Jose using the email

Trainees can register via Bridge.

Upcoming training days are as follows:

Date Institution Organiser Local Contact
Wednesday 13/09/2023  The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Foundation Trust Pancras Felix
Friday 27/10/2023  North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust - Hinchingbrooke Hospital Beate Ebert
Thursday 02/11/2023 - Simulation day (F2F) Cambridge University Hospitals - Addenbrookes Hospital  Alistair Mackett

Thursday 23/11/2023 - Simulation day (F2F)

Cambridge University Hospitals - Addenbrookes Hospital Alistair Mackett
Thursday 18/01/2024 - Simulation day (F2F)
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
Duduzile Musa
Thursday 29/02/2024  West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust Mohanraj Suresh
Thursday 14/03/2024
Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Luton and Dunstable University Hospital
Balaji Ramabhadran
Thursday 11/04/2024 (F2F)
Cambridge University Hospitals - Addenbrookes Hospital
Johan Graggaber
Tuesday 23/04/2024 - Simulation Day -F2F Southend University Hospital Myuran Kaneshamoorthy  
Thursday 09/05/2024
East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust - Lister Hospital
Katie Chong/Rachel Quail  
Monday 03/06/2024
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Litza Vera
Tuesday 18/06/2024 West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Watford General Hospital Latha Thangaraj
Thursday 04/07/2024
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Foundation Trust
Pancras Felix



GIM Half-Day Teaching Sessions - Hosted virtually by CUH



RCP Live - A medical streaming service for digital events delivered by RCP

RCP Live is an excellent source of live and on-demand learning webinars, college conferences and collaborative events open to members and non-members.

You can browse the list of upcoming events here:


Clinical requirement outside own specialty

Indicative minimum of 20 clinics in specialties other than the trainee’s specialty by the end of IMS2 (AEC/SDEC can be counted as clinic as long as a letter is generated to GP). Ideally should be a mixture of different clinics but can be same clinic as well.

Simulation training

At least 12 hours of simulation training to include recognition of human factor in interactions during IMS2, including at least 4 hours in the final year of IMS2 training. ALS/ATLS/BLS does not count as simulation training for this purpose. Deanery is planning dedicated training days every year to meet this curriculum requirement.


4 ACATs and 3 SLEs (CBD and/or MiniCEX) are required in each year of training . These should be separate from SLEs/ACATs done from own specialties and should be done by consultants supervising in Internal Medicine.

For full ARCP decision Aid visit : IMS2 ARCP Decision Aid 2022 150921.pdf (

Multiple consultant report (MCR)

Internal Medicine (IM) MCR should be done by consultants who have supervised the Trainee during their IM work. It can also be completed by Trainee’s own Specialty Consultants provided that they take part in Internal Medicine work.

Support for Trainees Returning to Training (SuppoRTT programme)

HEE EoE has funded the SuppoRTT programme to ease the return to training and fund and support the professional development of any trainee who has been out of programme for any reason for more than 3 months.

Trainees going out of programme e.g. for research or maternity/paternity leave should meet with the TPD approximately 3 months before they exit the programme to avail of the advantages of the programme. However, all trainees currently out of programme can still access the SuppoRTT resource.

The SuppoRTT policy can be found here.



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