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Core Medical Training (CMT) - Internal Medicine Training (IMT) from August 2019


We offer attractive commutable rotations, beautiful places to live, complimentary Mock PACES exams for all of our trainees, a  proactive CMT regional trainee committee and a well resourced and well regarded Professional Support Unit.


Internal Medicine Training (IM Training - "Shape of Training")

In August 2019, major changes are taking place in medical training in the UK. The old 2 year Core Medical Training (CMT) Program will switch over then to the 3 year Internal Medical Training Program

The first 2 years of the IMT program will be similar to the previous CMT Program with the major difference that almost all rotations will now be 4 months and that all trainees will now spend at least 10 weeks in an ITU/HDU setting and at least 4 months in a Care of the Elderly post. Trainees who are planning to progress to "Group 2 specialties" (e.g. dermatology, oncology and haematology) can apply for these during the IM 2 year. Most other trainees will complete an IM 3 year and then apply to a shortened training (4 years instead of the previous 5 years) in their specialty of choice. The IM3 year will take the form of a "junior medical registrar" year with focus on acute and general medicine and outpatient experience.

In the East of England, we are ready for IMT training. We have attractive commutable rotations. We plan to support each trainees with free regional access to a Mock PACES course during their training. In addition, we are planning additional access to Part 1 and interview practice courses in the region for our IM trainees from 2019 onwards.



We have approximately 130 rotations. The two teaching hospitals in the region, Addenbrooke's and The Norfolk and Norwich, are major contributors to approximately half of these. Addenbrooke's Hospital offers linked rotations with Royal Papworth Hospital, West Suffolk Hospital, Hinchinbrooke Hospital and Arthur Rank Hospice.  Norfolk and Norwich offers rotations with James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.  The remaining programs are based in the same trust for the first 2 years of IM training at least.  Information on the training locations in the region can be found here

Trainees in IM1 and IM2 will either stay in the same hospital or if attached to Addenbrooke's or Norwich and Norfolk have rotations that are easily commutable from one another. The IM3 rotations are yet to be finalised but we intend to adhere to the principle that, where possible, the trainee will do this year in a Trust that they have worked in for their IM1 and IM2 years. 


One of our fundamental principles is to involve trainees as much as possible either through with our trainee representatives (Associate College Tutors) on the Regional CMT Training Committee.

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