Rotation Information


   This is a four year training programme for palliative medicine, provided in a variety of settings including:

  •   - In-patient Specialist Palliative Care units / hospices (NHS and independent)
  •   - Day Hospice
  •   - District General Hospitals
  •   - Regional Cancer Centre  and teaching hospitals
  •   - Community-based services.

  There are opportunities to experience out-patient work, both new and follow up, and for exposure to oncology, chronic pain services, interventional pain management and related medical specialties required by the curriculum.

  Trainees rotate every 12 months to benefit from the experience offered by the different training posts. Currently the changeover takes place in September.

  The wide geographical spread of the East of England offers a variety of urban, suburban and rural settings.


When working in Palliative Medicine, the on-call commitment is non-resident. The frequency of on-call varies from post to post but will be no more than one in five weekends. Some posts require that you cross-cover another hospice nearby when on-call. There may be posts with no on-call commitment. If the post-holder lives a distance away from their unit, they may be required to stay locally so that they are usually no more than one hour's drive away. Some units have other requirements - see individual post information for more detail.

When working in Internal Medicine, the trainee will be on call for medicine and lead the acute unselected take.


There are currently separate posts at the following locations; between them these posts offer a varied experience of Palliative Medicine and Internal Medicine.




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