Workforce, training and education
East of England


All train​ees are appointed to the whole region and not to specific posts or rotations.

The rotation is complex because of the varying needs (educational and personal) of the trainees, the service needs of the units, and fluctuation in numbers caused by trainees leaving the programme for out of programme experience.

In general, there are 49 posts currently in the region. Trainees generally spend their 1st year in one of the smaller DGHs with exposure to general gastroenterology including diagnostic endoscopy as well as GIM.  The second year is often in a larger DGH with some subspecialty experience.  Most of the 3rd and 4th years will be spent in the Teaching Hospitals and the final year usually involves a DGH placement.

Trainees based in Norwich can expect to spend two years in the teaching unit. Due to the distribution of posts based around Cambridge, trainees on these programmes will spend an average of 18 months (some will spend 1 year and some 2 years) in the teaching hospital, whereas 24 months is more likely for those based around Norwich. The second teaching hospital year will be most likely an ATP as specified in the 2010 curriculum.

Whilst there is an obvious degree of geographical separation between trusts, this is not fixed and some posts will receive trainees from both ends of the rotation. The TPD will take personal travel arrangements into account for placements and will try not to make the huge rotational moves

The standard date for rotation to new posts is the 1st Monday in September. Where new appointees join the region at another date (usually the August recruitment) they will usually spend 13 months in a unit before the next rotation, however their initial placement will be determined by the vacancy situation.

Tuesday, 13 November, 2018