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Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP)

The Postgraduate School (PGS) of Surgery holds its Oral & Maxillofacial Annual Review of Competency Progression (ARCP) assessments twice a year, usually in May and November.

The ARCP is intended to assess a trainee’s progress with regards to learning outcomes, as laid down by the curriculum on the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP) website.  Further details can be found here.

It is the responsibility of the individual trainee at the start of their training program to enroll onto the ISCP programme and to upload all Workplace Based Assessments (WpBA) onto their portfolio.  It is advisable that new trainees familiarise themselves with this process. Trainees should be aware that the Multisource Feedback (MSF) Report is an annual requirement and requires online co-operation from those providing the feedback, as well as interaction with their Educational Supervisors.

The Deanery administrators will invite you to attend an ARCP approximately two months before the actual date. 

Further details from HEEoE on ARCP can be found here.

Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme (ISCP)

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Programme is the home for the trainee portfolio during specialist training in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.

Out of Programme (OOP)

Our program welcomes requests to consider Out of Program for Research (OOPR) and Parental leave.

The Training Programme Director and members of the Specialist Training Committee would consider all requests.  The appropriateness and viability the proposal will be considered, helping to decide whether to approve the application.  It is suggested you discuss your ideas with your educational supervisors as part of your ongoing personal development plan and portfolio completion.

Less Than Fulltime Training (LTFT)

Our program would welcome requests to consider LTFT training.

Further details can be found here, or please contact the Training Programme Director for more information.

Professional Support and Well-being (PSW)

HEEoE provide a fantastic support system for trainees that are struggling with any aspect of their development including exams, clinical ability, communication, professional development.

Further details can be found here

Return to Work

HEEoE provide support for trainees returning to work, in order to allow more seamless re-entry.

SuppoRTT - Supported Return to work.

Further details can be found here

Study Leave

Study Leave policies recently changed in April 2018.  Further details can be found here

Relocation and Mileage

Further details can be found here

New Starter Documents

HEEoE Starter documents and accompanying guidance can be found here

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