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Dear CT2s,

Congratulations to those who have passed part B and good luck to all of you who are applying for ST3 jobs.

For those of you with the full exam, as long as you fulfill the global objectives, then your ARCP can be completed in absentia. For those without the full MRCS, you should expect to need to be seen in June or July.

You will already be familiar with the ARCP process, but you may find it helpful to look at the CT1 ARCP gudiance page.

As last year...

You will be sent an ARCP checklist and a Form R to complete. There is also a link below for the ARCP checklist.

The ARCP panels and I will want to look at all your evidence in advance, so please ensure that all your evidence is uploaded at least a week before your ARCP:

  • A completed form R – please send it back to Katarzyna Scigala, the ARCP Administrator, and upload a scanned copy under “Other evidence"
  • A completed ARCP checklist - please upload under “Other evidence"
  • Initial, interim, final and AES report for first 6 month job and initial and interim for second job.
  • A completed and signed off MSF for the CT2 year.
  • 40 validated WPBAs by the ARCP cutoff   (22/6/18).
  • At least 12 CBDs of which at least 6 by consultant.
  • At least 12 CEXs of which at least 6 by consultant.
  • At least 12 DOPs/CEXs of which at least 6 by consultant.
  • A completed audit.
  • Evidence on ISCP of exam pass.
  • Visible elogbook.


Can you also please let Lisa and me know if you are successful at ST3 and in which speciality and which deanery as I have to publish figures, or if you are going off to do pursue other non-surgical or non-medical interests

Claire Edwards CST TPD

Monday, 24 December, 2018
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Monday, 24 December, 2018