School of Surgery


Head of the School of Surgery
Mr Mark Bowditch
Head of the School of Surgery



Mr Raaj Kumar Praseedom

Deputy Head of School of Surgery

Specialty Training Committee Chairs

Mr Chris Servant 

Core Surgery 

Ms Claire Edwards 

Core Surgery - Educational Director

Mr Steven Tsui

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mr Raaj Praseedom

General Surgery

Mr Rodney Laing


Mr Chi-Hwa Chan

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Mr A Hilger 

Otolaryngology (ENT)

Mr M Meyer 

Plastic Surgery

Mr Stephen Pryke

Trauma & Orthopaedics

Mr Tevita Aho


Specialty Training Programme Directors

Core Surgery

Ms Claire Edwards 

Mr Kamal Aryal

Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mr Ravi Joseph De Silva 

General Surgery

Sarah Downey

Asif Jah


Mr Stephen Price

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

Mr Christopher Fowell 

Plastic Surgery 

Mr Martin Heaton

Ms Monica Fawzy

Otolaryngology (ENT)

Mr Asad Qayyum

Trauma & Orthopaedics

Mr Anish Sangrajka

Ms Lora Young 


Ms Georgina Wilson

Vascular Surgery

Mr Sohail Choksy






Deanery Team
Dr Jonathan Waller
Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Assessment Administrator (ARCPs)

For Core and Trauma and Orthopedics please contact Amy Britain 

For Cardiothoracic, OMFS, ENT, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, and Urology please contact Louise Ramos 

ISCP Eportfolio Helpdesk



Trainee Representative
Mr Krashna Patel
Chair of School of Surgery Trainee Board (SSTB)
Faculty Account Manager
Kasia Calka
Faculty Account Manager

Health Education England, East of England

Administrator(s) for the School of Surgery

Lisa Jackson

School of Surgery Administrator 


Please contact Lisa for queries relating to:

Core Surgical Training (CST)


Francesca Rigaut

School of Surgery Administrator

Please contact Francesca Rigaut

General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Trauma and Orthopaedics, Urology, Vascular Surgery and Academic Surgery. 


George Heaney

School of Surgery Administrator 


Please contact George for queries relating to:



College Tutors


Dr Richard  Austin  Emergency Medicine 
Dr Gagan Kohli Anaesthetist
MS Sarah Reynolds Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
DR Abhay Vaidya Anaesthesia & ICM, FICM
MR Mustafa Khan Medicine RCP Tutor
Mr Kanapathi ajaratnam Surgery
DR Nagla Abdelrahman Paediatrics


Dr Andrew Fry Medicine (Joint) RCP Tutor
Dr Chrystalla Loutsios Medicine (Joint) RCP Tutor
MS Christina Pampali Medicine (GIM)
Mr Ashish Pradhan Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Kate Riley Paediatric
Dr Helen Bailie Paediatric 
Dr Sajeev Job Paediatric
MS Tracey Christmas College tutor for Anaesthesia
Dr Sarah  Hazleman  Emergency Medicine
MS Brinda Muthusamy Opthalmology
Dr Yasmin Sultan Emergency Medicine
Dr Eschtike Schulenburg Anaesthetist
Ms Anita Balakrishnan Surgical
MR Mark Latimer Surgery

 East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

Dr Gunjan Jain Paediatrics
MS Elizabeth  Turner Emergency Medicine
Dr Katie Chong Medicine RCP Tutor (Joint)
Dr Rachel Quail Medicine RCP Tutor (Joint)
Dr Ignacio Vazquez RCP College Tutor
MR Matthew  Metcalfe  Surgery

East Suffolk & North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (Colchester & Ipswich)


MS Sunita Saha  Core Surgery
DR Sohail Choksy  Surgery
Mr Fahed Youssef College Tutor for General Surgery
Miss Haroona  Khalil College Tutor for O&G
Miss Erica Rapaport College Tutor for Dental Core Training (OMFS)
MS Alexandra Newman Emergency Medicine
Dr Anna McDonald Paediatrics
Dr Hugo Boyce Anaesthetics  
Dr Brian Camilleri Medicine RCP Tutor (Joint) 
Dr Praveen Ande Medicine RCP Tutor (Joint) (joint role)
Dr Shafy Muthalif Psychiatry  
DR Fahed  Youssef  Core Surgery
MS Elena Cattaneo Paediatrics




MR Jim Crawfurd Emergency Medicine 
DR Jude Ifionu O&G 
Dr Sudeep Damodaran Paediatrics
DR Lalani Induruwage Anaesthetics 
Mr Carl Philpott ENT
Dr Mazhar Zaidi Medicine
Mr Daniel Pharoah Ophthalmology
Mr Kamal Aryal Surgery



MS Doris Iyamabo Neo-nates
Dr Benila  Ravindranathan Paediatrics
Dr Usha  Niranjan Paediatrics
Dr Muniswamy Hemavathi Emergency Medicine
Mr Rishi Talwar Surgery


MSE Group (Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust & Southend University Hospital)


Mr Rishi Talwar Surgery
Miss Sarah-Jane Walton Deputy college tutor-  Surgery
Mr Samer-ul  Haque  Surgery
DR Shiva Dindyal Surgery
Dr David Barnes Plastics
Dr Shahrier Sarker Surgery
Dr Gemma Conn Surgery



Mr James Wright Surgery
Dr Mokhlesur Rahman Paediatrics
Dr Taofeek Ojewuyi RCT – Medicine
Dr George  Sioftanos  Oncology
Dr Giridhara Bhat  Anaesthetics 




Dr Manasi Bhagwat Anaesthetist
Dr Tarek Kherbeck Emergency Medicine
DR Helen Goddard Anaesthetist
DR Santosh Nair
DR Illias Giarenis Obstetrics & Gynaecology
DR Gautam Raje Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Dr Vidya Srinivas Medicine RCP Tutor (Joint)
DR Prasanna Sankaran Medicine RCP Tutor (Joint)
DR Vivek Kalra Paediatrics VIVEK.KALRA@NNUH.NHS.UK
DR Supriya  Bhoomaiah  Paediatrics
Miss Claire  Edwards RCS Tutor
Dr Prasanna  Sankaran Medicine
Ms Helen Chase RCS T&O
Mr Irshad Shakh RCS -Surgery Higher Trainees - Upper GI, Colorectal, Urology, Emergency and Thoracic
Mr Jamasp Dastur RCS -Core surgical trainees Upper GI, Colorectal, Urology, Emergency and Thoracic
Mr Mohamed Alfiky RCS -ENT and plastic surgery



East Suffolk Dr  Shamim Ruhi Consultant Physician
West Suffolk Dr  Danica Ralevic Consultant Physician
Great Yarmouth & Waveney and Kings Lynn Dr  Somayya Kajee Consultant Physician
Dr  Sudeep   Damodaran Paediatrics
  Dr James Miller FY/GP Tutor


North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust (Hinchingbrooke / Peterborough & Stamford)

Dr Jeyanthy Rajkanna Medicine RCP Tutor
Dr Rizwan  Kassam Medicine RCP Tutor
Dr Athar Yasin Emergency Medicine
Dr Afraa Al-Sabbagh Paediatrics
  Lynda Menadue Anaesthetics
Dr Rajiv Goonetilleke Paediatrics
  Rebecca McKay Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Mr Adrian Harris Surgery
Mr Jose Blanco Surgical Tutor



Dr Samir Naik Medicine - On 1 year sabbatical starting from 08/10/21 (  
  VACANT VACANT Royal College Tutor for Medicine  
Dr Neha  Khanna Paediatrics
Dr Nickolaos Cholidis Paediatrics RCP Tutor
Mr Satish Kutty Surgery
Miss Vardhini Vijay Deputy College Tutor - covering role whilst Mr Srinivasaih is on sabbatical
Dr Perumal Tamilselvan Consultant Anaesthetist 
Mr Suneil Ramnani Emergency Medicine

Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Prof Andres  Floto RCP Tutor
Mr Giuseppe Aresu  RCS Surgical Tutor
Dr Christi Burt Anaesthetist




Dr Pradip Sarda Local Programme organiser
DR Chris Miller Local Programme organiser
Dr Glynis Rewitzky Paediatrics
DR Alan Wiles RCP Tutor
Dr Richard Sebawufu Emergency Medicine
Dr Stuart Greenhill Consultant Anaesthetist
Dr  Kapi Bakshi Consultant Physician
Dr Siya Sharma Obstetricians & Gynaecologist; 
Ms Rachael Johnson Surgery



Dr Rajesh  Vasiraju  Emergency Medicine        
Dr Uday Mandalia Radiology
Dr Nirmala  Costa Fernandes Paediatrics
Dr Latha Thangaraj Medicine RCP Tutor
Dr Rupinder Kaur Anaesthetics
Mr Leya Sanu Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Miss Stacey Strong (Locum) Ophthalmology
Mr Vikas Pandey Surgery
Dr Hassen Al-Sader  Pathology- Haematology
Dr Preema Singh Pathology- Micro
Dr Lutful Wahal Pathology- B/Chem



DR Suresh Mohanraj Medicine RCP Tutor
Dr                    Dr Claire    Rachel (job share) Harrison           Shute Paediatrics;
Mr Alain Sauvage Emergency Medicine
Miss Maria Vella O & G   
Dr Abigail Hallett Anaesthetics
DR Ami Mishra Surgery
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