Jason Ali

J Ali

Medical School: Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Year joining programme: 2016 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Cardiothoracic transplantation


- PhD transplantation immunology, University of Cambridge;

- MA Medical Education,

- Director of Studies for Clinical Medicine, Churchill College, University of Cambridge (https://www.chu.cam.ac.uk/people/view/jason-ali/)


Aleksandra Bartnik


Medical School: University College London

Year joining programme: 2016 - ST1

Subspecialty interest: Mitral valve surgery - aiming to undertake dedicated fellowship in mitral surgery


- Basic surgical training in London and Sheffield

- 2-year Graduate course in medical education

- Interest in exploring ways to improve surgical training in the UK and encourage medical students to explore surgery as a career

Kunal Bhakri


Medical School: University of Nairobi, Kenya

Year joining programme: 2014 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Mitral Valve and Arrhythmia surgery


- Senior clinical tutor, University of Cambridge

- Trainee lead for surgical specialty placement medical students, Papworth.

Maggie Huang

M Huang

Medical School: Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge

Year joining programme: 2016 - ST1

Subspecialty interest: Adult cardiac surgery

Background: Academic Clinical Fellow ST3 from August 2018 - research interest in ischaemia / reperfusion injury in cardiothoracic transplantation

Swetha Iyer


Medical School: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India

Year joining programme: 2013 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Aortic surgery


- LLM (Legal Aspects of Medical Practice) Cardiff Law School

- FRCS (CTh)

Simon Messer


Medical School: University of Dundee

Year joining programme: 2011 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Cardiothoracic Transplant Surgery


- Recently completed a PhD at  Cambridge University investigating the possibility of heart tranplantation from donation after circulatory death DCD “non heart beating” donors. This was the foundation work for launching the DCD heart transplant programme at Royal Papworth Hospital.

- My aims lie in establishing and funding a national United Kingdom DCD heart transplant programme and ex situ heart perfusion.

Aravinda Page


Medical School: Clare College, University of Cambridge

Year joining programme: 2013 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Cardiothoracic transplantation


- Current PhD candidate, Department of surgery (University of Cambridge)

- Research interest: improving donor organ utilisation, machine perfusion of donor organs 
Umar Rafiq


Medical School: Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan

Year joining programme: 2014 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Cardiothoracic Transplant Surgery

Background: Interest in minimal access and robotic surgery, General adult cardiac surgery (aortic and mitral)

Priya Sastry


Medical School: University of Cambridge

Year joining programme: 2010 - ST3

Subspecialty interest: Aortic surgery and Academia

Background: I am really interested in clinical research, computational mathematical modelling in cardiovascular disease and aortic surgery. The three​ come together in my PhD, due to be submitted shortly, entitled 'risk prediction in thoracic aortic aneurysms'

Daniel Sitraranjan


Medical School: Swansea & Cardiff Medical School, University of Wales

Year joining programme: 2015 - ST1

Subspecialty interest: Adult Cardiac, General Thoracic & Congenital Surgery 


- BSc Biomedical Sciences, Queen Mary University London, 2009
- Fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard, Boston, 2013
- Interest in teaching and surgical simulation using animal models
Shagorika Talukuder


Medical School: University College London

Year joining programme: 2018 - ST1

Subspecialty interest: Adult cardiac surgery


- Interest in working in developing world - have spent working in mobile surgical unit in Ecuador

- Tropical Medicine Diploma (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

- Interest in contributing to research and technological advances in the specialty

Ismail Vokshi


Medical School: St Georges Hospital Medical School

Year joining programme: 2015 - ST1

Subspecialty interest: Congenital Heart Disease, Mechanical Circulatory Support


- Interest in heart development and left-right asymmetry of the heart.

- Looking to pursue a PhD on a relevant field.