Head of School of Surgery
Mr Neville Jamieson
Head of School of Surgery
Training Committee Chair and Training Programme Director
Mr Raaj Praseedom
Training Committee Chair and Training Programme Director
College Tutors & General Surgery Leads

College Tutors 

Mr Asif Jah - College Tutor for Addenbrookes -  asif.jah@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

Mr Anil Vorha - College Tutor for Basildon - anil.vorha@btuh.nhs.uk

Mr Phillip Edge - College Tutor for Bedford - phillip.edge@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk

Ms Lora Young - College Tutor for Bury St. Edmunds (West Suffolk)  - lora.young@wsh.nhs.uk 

Ms Gemma Conn - College Tutor for Chelmsford (Broomfield) gemma.conn@meht.nhs.uk

Mr Sohail Choksy - College Tutor for Colchester - sohail.choksy@colchesterhospital.nhs.uk

Mr Satish Kutty - College Tutor for Harlow (Princess Alexandra) - satish.kutty@pah.nhs.uk 

Mr Szabolcs Gergely - College Tutor for Hinchingbrooke (Huntingdon) - szabolcs.gergely@nhs.net

Mr Michael Crabtree - College Tutor for Ipswich - michael.crabtree@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk

Ms Sarah Downey - College Tutor for James Paget (Great Yarmouth) - sarah.downey@jpaget.nhs.uk

Mr Jonathan Easterbrook - College Tutor for Kings Lynn (Queen Elizabeth) - jonathan.easterbrook@qehkl.nhs.uk

Mr Shashank Gurjar - College Tutor for Luton and Dunstable - shashank.gurjar@ldh.nhs.uk

Mr Bhaskar Kumar - College Tutor for Norfolk & Norwich bhaskar.kumar@nnuh.nhs.uk 

Mr Aman Coonar - College Tutor for Papworth aman.coonar@papworth.nhs.uk 

Mr Andrew McKee - College Tutor for Peterborough andrew.mckee@pbh-tr.nhs.uk 

Mr James Wright - College Tutor for Southend james.wright@southend.nhs.uk

Mr Matthew Metcalfe - College Tutor for Stevenage (Lister) matthew.metcalfe@nhs.net 

Mr Ben Rudge - College Tutor for Watford ben.rudge@whht.nhs.uk 


General Surgery Leads

Ms Bryony Lovett - Basildon bryony.lovett@btuh.nhs.uk 

Mr Ahmed Al-Bahrani - Watford ahmed.al-bahrani@whht.nhs.uk 

Mr Jonathon Refson - Harlow (Princess Alexandra) jonathan.refson@pah.nhs.uk 

Mr Nadim Noor - Bedford nadim.noor@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk 

Mr Rohit Makhija - Peterborough rohit.makhija@pbh-tr.nhs.uk 

Ms Sharmila Gupta - Colchester sharmila.gupta@colchesterhospital.nhs.uk 

Mr Ami Mishra - Bury St. Edmunds (West Suffolk) - ami.mishra.nhs.uk 

Trainee Representatives

Trainee Representative

Mr Krashna Patel - krashna@doctors.org.uk

Deputy Trainee Representative 

Mr Ayaz Hossain - mhossain@nhs.net

Deputy Trainee Representative 

Mr Alan Askari 

Less Than Full Time Trainee Representative

Ms Antonia Wells

Specialty Training Administrator
Jamie Biggs
Specialty Training Administrator