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Maxillofacial Surgery encompasses the surgery of the face, mouth, jaws and neck. It is usual for the speciality also to provide for the management or oral medical problems.  The two major sub-specialities of the speciality are Head & Neck Oncology, which also includes Microvascular Surgery and the management of facial deformity, which includes Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery as well as Craniofacial Surgery. 

The majority of district general hospitals provide services managing traumatic injury to the maxillofacial tissues, oral surgery, oral medicine, orthognathic surgery and the management of salivary gland disease. Cleft Lip and Palate, Head & Neck Oncology are now in designated regional centres with a Hub and Spoke network. 

We are fortunate in the East of England to possess one centre managing both primary and secondary Cleft, Lip and Palate and all centres on the rotation routinely manage patients afflicted with head and neck cancer through microvascular reconstruction.


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If a career in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery interests you, we would love to help you achieve this in the East of England. Please CONTACT US.

If you would like to organise a taster day / week in our specialty at any of the 4 main trusts on our rotations, please contact any of the tutors through our Contact page.  Remember, our region is subdivided into two geographically discrete subrotations to make the rotations more manageable, accessible and amenable to a strong work-life balance.


Beautiful surrounds and high quality of life

Welcome to the East of England – proud to be home to some of the best places to live in the UK

We are fortunate to live in a fantastic part of the world, blessed with beautiful broads, charming colleges, great schools, unspoilt beaches and very affordable house prices. The quality of life in the East of England is second to none. Our trainers and trainees benefit from being able to balance life and work well - hugely important for well-being and a healthy training program.      


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