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East Of England Orthopaedic Teaching Programme 2017

Save the dates (tell your rota co-ordinator, educational supervisor to subscribe to to keep abreast of the teaching calendar, so service delivery is maintained and that there can be no excuse for them not allowing you to book leave!)


12th & 13th June

******** Deadline ********

By the end of May
the following should be submitted:

- AES Report
- All paperwork recently submitted 

Teaching day: Ipswich Hospital 
2nd June

Teaching day: Norwich
4th July

email Mr Sanghrajka directly to confirm attendace

Upper Limb Surgery Meeting for Orthopaedic Registrars
Mon 3rd - Tues 4th July 

Northern General Hospital, Sheffield
£50 including accommodation and course dinner
ST3 – ST6
The Summer University Registrar Trauma Meeting has been successfully running for 16 years. The 2017 meeting will cover all aspects of Upper Limb surgery and provide a greater understanding in the management of fractures in the upper limb, together with an increased confidence in the practicalities of performing these procedures.

There`s a new referral email address for pelvic injuries: