Upcoming ARCP dates:

ARCP Period



September 2017


18-19th September 2017

March 2018

6-7th March 2018


ARCPs are held at West Wing, Victoria House, Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5XB.

They are still held face-to-face with the TPD and ARCP panel. The principle purpose of the ARCP is to ascertain whether a trainee is making satisfactory progression, identify deficiencies, agree a plan for future training and receive feedback regarding the quality of training posts.

Trainees should ensure all ARCP documents/assessments are completed within 2 weeks of their ARCP date at the very latest. An invitation with complete details of required documents will be sent to trainees well in advance of ARCP dates.

Ensure all the following are completed 2 weeks prior to ARCPs:

  • Form R – Mandatory and must be sent back to the deanery administrators
  • Minimum work based assessments on ISCP – at least 40 with 1 Multisource feedback (MSF)
  • All educational/clinical supervisor meetings on ISCP
  • Complete Purple Form – to be signed by at least 2 consultant supervisors
  • Complete relevant level ST checklists
  • Academic Supervisor Reports for academic trainees
  • Upload up to date CV on ISCP
  • Details of Out of Programme activities/significant periods off work/absence record