What is the Study Leave policy?

The current study leave policy can be accessed here.

Aspirational study leave requests should be submitted through the RCP Tutor in the first instance.

LTFT Training

All of the information with respect to Less Than Full Time Training can be accessed here

What support is available for trainees in the region?

The HEE EoE supports trainees via the Professional Support and Well-Being (PSW) Service.

HEE EoE has funded the SuppoRTT programme to ease the return to training and fund and support the professional development of any trainee who has been out of programme for any reason for more than 3 months.

Trainees going out of programme e.g. for research or maternity/paternity leave should meet with the TPD approximately 3 months before they exit the programme to avail of the advantages of the programme. However, all trainees currently out of programme can still access the SuppoRTT resource.

The SuppoRTT policy and funding forms can be found here.



Guidance on CMTs/IMTs acting up as a Medical Registrar

The JRCPTB guidance on acting up as a medical registrar can be accessed here. 

Resources for QI Projects

Information related to QI projects and past QIPs performed by East of England CMTs can be found here

Thursday, 6 February, 2020
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Thursday, 6 February, 2020