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International Medical Graduates

The East of England benefits from the skills and experience of our international medical graduates, and we are keen to be support the continued development of international trainees in psychiatry.

Please note that there is a specific East of England page for International Graduates here: 


There are a range of schemes available for doctors at different stages of training to come and work in the East of England in psychiatry.  These include:


Widening Access to Specialty Training (WAST)

This 12 month programme combining psychiatry and general practice is designed to enable doctors who do not have experience of working in the NHS / the UK to develop skills and competencies appropriate for then applying for specialty training schemes.

Further details can be found here:


The Medical Training Initiative (MTI)

The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a national scheme designed to allow a small number of doctors to enter the UK from overseas for a maximum of 24 months, so that they can benefit from training and development in NHS services before returning to their home countries.


Further details can be found here:

and in the attached document below.


Clinical Attachment Programme for the East of England (CAPE) 

This new 3 month clinical observer programme is designed for international psychiatrists who are considering continuing training in the UK.  It is particularly suited to doctors who are approaching the CASC exam of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and who would benefit from experience in seeing clinic practice in the UK.


Further details on the CAPE programme can be found on it's own webpage here.


Further information and support for International Medical Graduates

...can be found on the Royal College of Psychiatry pages here:

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