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Higher specialist psychiatry trainees can choose to work towards a CCT in more than 1 subspecialty of psychiatry in various combinations (as below).  This extends the required training time, but has the advantage of trainees gaining wider competencies than in a single CCT and have often been popular options.  Availability for dual training depends on the circumstances of the rotation at the time - but please feel free to contact the Programme Directors of the individual specialties to discuss further.  

Note that entry into dual training is (as usual) via competitive interview; it is not possible to convert to dual training from within the training programme without re-applying.  It is, though, possible to end dual training early with a single CCT providing all the appropriate competencies and experience for that specialty have been met.

Currently available dual training programmes in the East of England are:

General Adult Psychiatry & Psychiatry of Old Age, 4 years 

General Adult Psychiatry & Medical Psychotherapy, 5 years 

General Adult Psychiatry & Forensic Psychiatry, 5 years 

Forensic Psychiatry & Medical Psychotherapy, 5 years  

Forensic Psychiatry & Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 5 years

Psychiatry of Learning Disability & Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 5 years.


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