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CAMHS Run-Through Scheme


If you are interested in working with children and adolescents, now there is an opportunity to have a more tailored core training programme. The CAMHS run through scheme is currently an extended pilot but has shown a lot of interest.

The programme consists of three years where the trainee would rotate across different placements every six months. During the second year, the placements would be a CAMHS post and a pediatric post to ensure the trainee gains specialty-specific experience. The aspects of this program in terms of competencies required and MRCPsych examination requirements by the end of the training program are the same as other Core Training posts.

On completion of the programme, examinations and competencies, the trainee would be able to run-through into child and adolescent higher training without the need for a competitive interviewing process.

CAMH mentorship is provided throughout the programme.


The Applicants' Guide can be downloaded here for more information.


Placements available are in Ipswich (currently filled) and in Hertfordshire (vacant).