General Adult Psychiatry Higher Specialist Training in the East of England


Head of School: Dr Chris O'Loughlin, christopher.o'

Training Program Director: Dr David Middleton, 

HEEoE has 46 General Adult Psychiatry Higher Training posts across six local education providers (LEPs).  Please get in touch if you have further questions about higher training in General Adult Psychiatry.


Local Education Providers (LEPs)

  • CPFT: Cambridge and Peterborough
  • ELFT: Bedford and Luton
  • HPFT: Hertfordshire
  • NSFT: Norfolk and Suffolk
  • NEPFT: North Essex
  • SEPT: South Essex


Subspecialty posts

GA STs and GA & OA Dual STs have the opportunity to do one of these posts in their second year. Selection is by open competition from across the Deanery.

  • GA Liaison Psychiatry: Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
  • GA Liaison Psychiatry, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich
  • GA Liaison Psychiatry: Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow
  • GA Liaison Psychiatry: RAID, Watford General Hospital, Watford
  • OA Liaison Psychiatry: Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge
  • Rehabilitation Psychiatry: Chelmsford
  • Substance Misuse: Chelmsford
  • Substance Misuse: Harlow
  • Substance Misuse: Norwich


Dual training:

All LEPs offer dual GA and OA training. The duration of training for a single CCT is 3 years and that for a dual CCT is 4 years.

Special Interest sessions:

All LEPs encourage one session per week within the Deanery.

Research sessions:

One session per week is allocated for research.

Leadership training:

Trainees have the opportunity to attend the LEAP and the Chief Resident programme offered by CUHP and Judge Business School. 


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