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Training Programme Appraisal and Assessment


The trainee will have usually weekly contact with both their Educational Supervisors in Medical Psychotherapy and General Psychiatry to consider their developmental progress.

The Educational Supervisor role is to support the trainee as a mentor and to challenge as a colleague, enabling the trainee to reflect openly and robustly about their capacities and development. This process will be largely informal.

The more formal element of appraisal and assessment takes place in formative assessment throughout training in the work place based assessments (minimum of one a month) and in the annual summative assessment the ARCP panel (Annual Review of Competence Progression).

The ARCP panel for dual trainees will include both Training Programme Directors from General Psychiatry and Medical Psychotherapy.

The ARCP will be undertaken by the Eastern Deanery Postgraduate School of Psychiatry informed by the reports of the Training Programme directors, who are in turn informed by both Educational Supervisors in the preceding year’s General Psychiatry and Medical Psychotherapy placements.

A six monthly Medical Psychotherapy review of the Medical Psychotherapy Training Plan (see Appendix A) is undertaken with the dual trainee informed by the Clinical Supervisors’ reports and the Educational Supervisor’s Annual Report.

A six monthly Medical Psychotherapy Review usually takes place around February-March in the training year and includes the Trainee, the Medical Psychotherapy Educational Supervisor and the Medical Psychotherapy Training Programme Director.

The six monthly Medical Psychotherapy Review provides an opportunity for the dual trainee to raise concerns or highlight good practice relating to Medical Psychotherapy or General Psychiatry placements, the training programme generally, for the Educational Supervisor to highlight potential areas of good progress or areas of concern and to plan any appropriate additional support/teaching remedial action.

The Medical Psychotherapy Training Plan Review also helps the dual trainee to prepare their portfolio and workplace based assessments for the ARCP.

The Medical Psychotherapy component of the ARCP will be supplemented by the annual Clinical Supervisors’ reports and an Annual Psychotherapy Appraisal between the Training Programme Director, trainee and Medical Psychotherapy Educational Supervisor.  This will be conducted prior to the ARCP (usually around April-May before the June ARCP).

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