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Higher Training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry



The East of England offers a wide range of posts in Child and Adolescent psychiatry for higher training in this specialty.

In order to minimize unnecessary traveling for trainees, but still ensuring an excellent training experience, the rotation is divided into hubs based around Cambridge (which includes posts across Cambridgeshire, as well as Suffolk and Dunstable), Norwich, and St Alban's in Hertfordshire.  Trainees will usually work in more than one trust across their higher training which gives a broader perspective into the organisation and delivery of CAMH services.


“If children make you smile, you enjoy talking to them, prefer making formulations instead of rushing into diagnoses, like psychological interventions, find gathering detailed information and spending longer time with your patients a plus, and need a better work-life balance, this specialty is for you.”



Trainees working full time will usually do 4 posts of 9 months each.  One of these will be an in-patient unit (available in Cambridge, Hertfordshire and Norfolk) and one a general community post.  The two remaining posts are determined by the interests and training needs of the trainee, but could include (for example) eating disorders, learning disability or forensic services.

There is a regional academic programme for trainees, and trainees are also expected to use one day a week for research or a to pursue a special interest.

We are very happy to accommodate less than full time training where possible (it usually is - please see the Deanery pages for eligibility here).  Less than full time trainees will have differing length placement according to individual need.  Trainees from this programme also frequently take up a variety of Out of Programme experiences (OOPs) which we are delighted to support.

For further information please click on the menus on the right ( Current Training Placements etc), or get in touch with the Programme Director ( - we'd love to hear from you...


“Child psychiatry gives me the opportunity to make a difference in the young lives of my patients. This specialty is all about using a holistic approach.”


Current contacts (January 2020)

Training Programme Director (TPD) Dr Anupam Bhardwaj  
Academic Lead for delivery and organization of the Academic Programme Dr Anupam Bhardwaj  
Regional East of England Higher Trainees CAMHS Representative Dr Saba Syed and Dr Elizabeth Cole

Senior Trainee Representative for East of England School of Psychiatry      
CPFT CAMHS Postgraduate Doctors Committee Representative Dr Aastha Sharma  
Academic Representatives Dr Saba Syed and Dr Elizabeth Cole



Have you just been accepted on the CAMH Higher Training Scheme?

Download our CAMHS Induction Booklet for detailed information on what to expect.

You will need to have the recent RCPsych curriculum to plan your PDP and check your progress.

If your first post is in CPFT, check out the induction handouts.

If it is in NSFT, you will find their postgraduate doctor handbook very useful.

Most importantly, if you feel lost or unclear about anything, feel free to contact any of us...